holiday gift guide : for the in-laws

i feel like in-laws are especially hard to shop for because you may not be comfortable asking them what they’d actually want, or maybe you don’t want to spend a ton of money but still want to give them something meaningful — so i found lots of different types of gifts at different price points!

also think this gift guide could be for anyone, i’m totally allowing you to shop for people other than in-laws using this gift guide ok?

such a cool looking citrus juicer!! AND super inexpensive! $32

and if you want an electric citrus juicer, but still want it to look good — this one is cooool $139

the aura digital frame! it’s so beautiful, we have one and we love it. it’s also been a hit gift in my family!! $164

a comfy plush robe from brooklinen — all of their stuff is soooo soft. this one comes in a lot of color/pattern options that i love $99

okay i love this!! a beautiful book to document all their holiday memories!! so sweet and special, and such a great price $20

a sushi making kit is such a fun easy gift for the people who have everything $33

a handsome charging dock — perfect for an entryway or kitchen or their desk — this is such a good gift anyone would want! $100

this pretty cookbook is full of recipes to cook for the ones you love, awww $20

i love this chip and dip bowl so much! it’s not breakable, easy to wash (the dip bowl comes out), it’s so chic and it’s inexpensive! i feel like everyone could use one of these? $44

super pretty french presses!! i love “sandstone” but get them one in their favorite color $100

a custom puzzle of your family! you’re able to personalize each person to make it just for you, so sweet $129

and a much less expensive custom puzzle that is still really nice! $42

i always love custom ornaments, especially cute for grandparents!! $14

kabob grilling baskets for anyone who grills!! $26

if they don’t have a milk frother is life even enjoyable??? haha no but fr we love having foam in our coffee every morning so much. this one is so pretty but also comes in other cute colors! $50

everyone loves a cooler bag, this one is so handsome and on sale!! $59

how fun would a projector be?? perfect for outdoor movie nights with the fam, plus it’s like a gift for everybody $90

this custom line drawing print is so sweet and would make such a meaningful gift for any grandparents $69+

the cutest little a-frame butterfly biome! $30

or if they’re more into birds than butterflies, this acrylic bird feeder sticks to your window and actually looks cute! this would be fun just for them or as an activity with grandkids $25

a google nest display is a great gift for anyone but especially for grandparents because you can add family photos to it! on sale rn for $60

another great tech gift — a google nest thermostat. they’re so sleek and easy to use $100

not the most exciting gift, but this tissue box cover is really pretty and everyone uses tissues $8

mushroom grow kits are such a good gift for any in-laws that like to cook! $35

who doesn’t want a cozy gauzy throw blanket?! this one is such a beautiful color $149

and for those on a budget, here’s another beautiful throw blanket for less — $50

sometimes these sofa arm tray tables are pretty ugly, but i think this one is really not bad!! $31

i loooove anything stonewall kitchen, we’ve gotten this exact breakfast gift set for the holidays and we were stoked. it’s all so good! $56

if you have the budget, our new BALMUDA the toaster is incredible. i love it so much and i think every kitchen would be better with it haha (it also comes in different colors but i love this taupe one) $299

i love this entire shop of paint by number kits — they’re so pretty and would make such a good gift! $34-40

this custom photo calendar is so beautiful — and the brass stand can be reused for years to come (you can just order the pages if you already have the stand!) i ordered one of these for all the grandparents last year and they all love them $47

another product i love from artifact uprising — this personalized photo wall calendar. fill it with pictures of grandkids, can’t ever go wrong there $34

another beautiful wall calendar option! this one is soooo pretty and i love how big it is $42

this is a really cute little game — it’s filled with questions to “inspire great family conversations,” that should be interesting lol $9

really pretty set of backpack chairs for all their picnics and beach trips — $199 for a pack of 2 (or $139 for 1)

a portable outdoor speaker in a pretty color! $90

sticking with the outdoor theme — this is the most beautiful cooler! but hurry up and get it before it’s gone because it’s on clearance for $127

a cute instant photo printer to print out — you guessed it — more grandchildren photos. or maybe photos of other people haha $150

and thennnn get them a pretty photo frame to go along with it $39+

for the in-laws who were obsessed with wordle — here it is in board game form! $17

a very simple and pretty charcuterie board $30

a good-looking dutch oven is always a safe bet — love the color of this one $80

apparently this handheld vac is great, it’s tiny and pretty! $50

an ice cream maker! such a fun activity, especially for them to do with grandkids $56

and so would a popcorn maker! not sure i’ve ever seen such a pretty one. this one also makes popcorn fast and you don’t need to use any oil — $34

and then get them this movie night popcorn and seasoning set to go with it (or just on its own if you want) $22

these seem so handy — pluggable dimmable night lights that you can automate based on the time of day $11 for a pack of 2

this really beautiful towel set — $184 for a set of 4 (includes wash / hand / bath)

because who doesn’t like cookies???? everyone likes cookies!! $18

i’ve had a few pairs of wooden salad tongs like these and i’ve always loved them. they are simple and pretty and work really well $23

the most beautiful alarm clock ever, it also helps you wind down and wake up according to your natural circadian rhythm $200

an eye massager! it has heat and cooling and bluetooth even. $76

the most beautiful editions of classic board games, i’ve linked to these before but these designs seem to be exclusive and totally my favorite! $34+

and if you’re looking for more games (with different designs) they have a ton here! 

for the wine drinkers — a bright cellars gift card is the perfect gift that they’ll actually use!! $100+

this blank family recipe book would make a really thoughtful gift $27

this is such a nice-looking wine cooler and it keeps drinks cold up to six hours, no ice required. ps — you can use it for other kinds of beverages too, non-alcoholic included $75

and if they’re more of a beer drinker, here’s the same cooler but … for beer $30

and that’s a wrap! in-laws can be soooo tricky so let me know what ends up being a hit with yours

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  1. Love them all, thank you for all the help! I appreciate you, Molly!

  2. My favorites are the butterfly biome and the pancake kit. You have definitely got my father-in-law’s number. Thanks!

  3. So many incredible gift ideas…I’ve been bookmarking them all! Will definitely be buying some things for myself lol.

  4. Marcela McKeon says:

    Thanks!! It’s all so cool