holiday gift guide : for a cool 30-something who has great taste who is me

lollll– i got requests to do a gift guide for 30 something girls since i usually focus on relatives instead of myself so i put together some things i’d be happy to get!!

01. i looove a bucket hat these days and this would be a good upgrade $89
02. this sushi set!!! holds your soy sauce and your chopsticks, so good. $90
03. such beautiful patterned napkins, they’re pricey but so special. $38
04. i’ve always wanted pansy bras — they are so cute $52
05. these handsome salad servers! $38
06. for anyone that watercolors or even just talks about watercoloring, this beautiful handmade paint tray is such a good gift $55
07. a boucle throw blanket is my favorite cozy thing $225
08. i’ve always wanted one of these fancy shower caps and this one is supposed to be the best $43
09. who actually owns a wick trimmer?! hopefully me soon because gid makes me trim all my wicks lately and my scissors are getting trashed $10
10. i’ve always wanted this cookbook, the recipes seem very approachable! $23
11. i love a simple snake chain bracelet like this one $60
12. funny story i actually bought this vase and returned it and now i regret returning it hahaha– its not available till may but it’s such a good shape and price and you could just give them a photo of it for now $30

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