holiday gift guide : for the jetsetter

todays gift guide is for the travel obsessed friend or relative in your life — totally not me lol, but i do own packing cubes as you guys may remember lol. here are a bunch of items i think they would love! 

01. such a pretty travel tumbler (but ps i have this one for playground iced tea)
02. my favorite pouch set, i use this in the diaper bag but also for every vacation
03. a very cute waterproof little bluetooth speaker
04. always gotta try to slang my own products — laptop case from my s6 shop
05. really pretty wireless headphones (i hate earbuds!)
06. super handsome inexpensive luggage (and i love how the inside is plain)
07. the cutest portable steamer i’ve ever seen prob
08. i really like dopp kits/cosmetic cases that have a lower compartment like this one
09. super chic travel bottles that also have suction cups to hang!!!
10. travel flatware for the ultra green traveler who doesn’t want to use disposable
11. always wanted to carry a neck pillow with me for long flights but never have
12. love the color and simple design of this backpack

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  1. claire james says:

    i’m also one of the rare few that has managed to do without a neck pillow.. i never really liked them back in the day, but now they’ve got memory foam and microfibers and whatnot, and i’m thinking that i might need to re-evaluate my not-having-one……