holiday gift guide : for the homebody

v much guilty of being a complete homebody most of the time, we love being home and comfy with all our comfort-inducing items, i put together this gift guide with simple comforts in mind. comfort!!! 

01. this is one of my favorite hand wash scents by grown alchemist (i think soap is the perfect gift for the person you’re unsure of what to give)
02. the citizenry makes the softest and prettiest textiles like this throw blanket
03. the most beautiful ceramic french press by yield design
04. i basically always include slippers but these madewell ones look like loafers lol
05. no time like christmas to gift someone a cute calendar
06. i gave this temperature controlled mug to gid last year and he uses it daily
07. such a beautiful candle and you can reuse the cup it once you’ve finished it
08. a bathtub tray is inexpensive and everyone likes them (you could also include some bath salt)
09. i’ve always wanted these gorgeous brass coasters
10. remodelista organizing book, again perfect time to gift right before the new year
11. the vitruvi aroma diffuser in blush! love it.
12. we have a google home mini in every room, they are the best.

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  1. Hey Molly! Great round up. I’ve been thinking about getting my family either an Echo Dot (probably 2nd gen) or a Google mini for Christmas. What is it about the mini that you like best? Right now the Echo Dots are on deep discount on Amazon and they are pretty appealing, although not as aesthetically pleasing as the mini. Basically I have to decide if I want to hear “Hey Google” or “Alexa…” all the time 🙂 Plus, we don’t really have a hugely “smart” home so for now I can see us using it to check the weather, news, ask it questions, play music. (for reference, my girls are 5, 8 and 11).

    1. Molly Madfis says:

      i only know the google but from being at friends houses it seems like the google mini is better for playing music promptly (we have spotify premium too) the amazon ones are always like WHAT DID YOU SAY and don’t take direction as well imo hahah

      1. hi! I have both at home and they both do the basics well, like setting cooking timers, checking the weather, and creating grocery lists. The two things I like better about the google mini is that it 1. can answer your questions better ( it’ll use google rather than pulling up a random wikipedia page like alexa) and 2. you can ask it to tell you how long it will take to drive places and it’ll pull travel times from google maps.

        1. Sydney, thank you so much for that follow-up comment! It was incredibly helpful and I think it’s really helped me make up my mind. I was swaying heavily toward the mini anyway, but hearing more about it really does help. I can see my girls asking it LOTS of questions 🙂