holiday gift guide : for him

this is always the hardest gift guide for me! i try to find things that aren’t all cliche “guy stuff” but still be… guy stuff ?! i think i found lots of cool things that i know my husband and brother would for sure like!

the most handsome sparkling water maker ever!! love a gift that’s for him and for you lollll $229

speaking of cliche guy stereotypes, they love hot sauce right? (well mine hates spicy lol) the cutest hot sauce making kit, i feel like this would be so fun!! $42

an RFID blocking wallet that also pops up your credit cards!! i got gid this wallet for xmas last year and he’s soooo picky and GUESS WHAT HE LOVES IT. $89

guys just loooove to complain about how hot it is right?! i got gid a portable neck fan and we use it often!! especially at disneyland lol. $20

a smart jump rope for any athletic jump roper!!! on sale rn for $47

this smart meat thermometer will actually tell you how long to cook your meat and how long to let it rest! $79

a mini version of a theragun (which is a portable massage gun) $157

i looked online and powerbeats seem to be better quality than airpods AND i have tiny ears and i hate putting things inside them but i think these are actually not that bad at all. plus they come in this nice beige color haha $150a smart moleskin notebook with pen! i know my guy would love this $150

a bluetooth sleep mask that plays music — in case he likes to listen to podcasts or music to fall asleep this seems amazing $25

these are not the exact sneakers i put in the image above because i noticed they’re low on sizes (but they are available here) but i love these classic looking nikes, i got them for gid last year and he loves them too $85

this is the best weekender bag in my opinion! the bottom section unzips for shoes or toiletries and it’s so convenient when you’re packing/unpacking — also comes in a bunch of darker colorways $135

if you have the budget and he loves to make pizza– this pizza oven is amazing $400

aaaand if you want to go the cheaper route, my brother has this one and loves it! $200

and if you REALLY want to spend less, but he does in fact love making pizza– this pizza maker makes brick-oven style pizza on the grill $40

we are both obsessed with our nespresso machine — and it’s by far the best looking model they have!! plus it’s on sale 🙂 best gift ever. $279

this little handsome device is a portable meal warmer for the guys who like their lunches hot!! $30

gid has these double knit sweatpants and loves them so much — i also do because they look a lot better than other pairs he’s had $60

the most handsome cordless beard trimmer! i think i did this on last years gift guide because it looks so nice $200

and for the hairy dudes– gid uses this body hair trimmer and loves it $70

sorry sorry so cliche that men like beer but what other gift guide would i put this on?! lol — these are magnetic strips that attach to the ceiling of the fridge and hold beer bottles! $30

for the guy who loves to make shakes and smoothies– the beast health blender is on sale too! $131

i love this tech folio that can be monogrammed — it comes in darker colors as well but of course this one is my favorite $150

if he has trouble sleeping, this device is a light system that teaches you how to fall asleep naturally, the reviews are mixed but it seems to work for a lot of people, maybe worth a shot!! $59

i love that these slippers are kinda more like socks– i know particular gid would prefer that haha. $45

definitely the fanciest nose hair trimmer i’ve seen, so handsome! $40

and if his nose is hairy but you’re not willing to spend $40 — this nose and ear hair trimmer still looks good too $10

a handsome work from anywhere kit for him to… work from anywhere! $36

the most chic pill organizers ever?! a very useful little gift if you need one more thing for him $22

idk about you but my husband is particular about socks and lots of other things haha– he has tried so many pairs of socks over the years but really likes these crew socks — they’re much simpler and less expensive than the popular ones, “the logo is hidden, they’re the perfect weight and they don’t have that dorky arch thing” $13 for 3-pack

the chicest looking mini laser distance measurer! and it’s on sale too. $37

we love raen sunglasses — every pair gid has ever gotten has looked good. $185


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  1. YOU ARE MAGICAL AT THESE! Thanks for your hardwork!

  2. Megan Nolan says:

    This is my favorite one so far! Thank you!

  3. cassondra carper says:

    Love all your lists! Thank you for sharing your thoughtful and stylish ideas! (I also just noticed your mixed tapes section- Bless your heart!!)