holiday gift guide : stocking stuffers for kids and adults

i wanted to have this gift guide done sooner but man these take me a while!! for stockings this year i wanted to do grownups and kids, i would have loved to do little kids and big kids but maybe next year! i did try to do a variety of gifts that could range in age, so hopefully this helps no matter how old your kids are!

for the adult stockings, i tried to focus mostly on useful items for the stockings this year since we’re all home, mostly things that people would actually use/need versus fun crap. but we always fill each others with lots of candy. 

01. love these reusable silicone food savers, they’re super useful $13
02. the prettiest brass bookmark $16
03. bamboo straws in different sizes $11
04. i’ll share more about this remineralizing toothpaste later but we are loving it $12
05. i love the design of these national parks playing cards $14 
06. a modern looking lighter!! $18
07. room spray because our homes are all especially smelly now $10
08. cute motel style keychain $11
09. i am obsessed with herb scissors, they have made dinner so much easier $15
10. you can never have too much maldon salt (i love sprinkling on cookies) $6
11. we love jot in our house, concentrated liquid coffee you can use in lots of diff ways $24
12. zit stickers because these are the most useful of all $11
13. we can never have enough chip clips, this vintage style is my fave $5
14. hand cream in every stocking forever $20
15. a cute little window prism $14
16. 3 pack of spicy honey with pretty packaging $28
17. a portable power bank that actually plugs directly into your phone (finally) $26
18. scrabble fridge magnets $11

01. fun socks are practical and hopefully fun too — love these mo willems ones $12
02. all the card games (NOW MORE THAN EVER!) $5
03. these tiny puzzles are so cute and fun!! $15
04. baby animal lacing cards $20
05. loooove this adorable little kids whisk!! $10
06. a pretty gold kazoo that you hopefully wouldn’t regret lol $10
07. beautiful rainbow rock crayons $17
08. cute colored hair clips $7
09. this pop it puzzle is so much fun for kids but i thoroughly enjoy it too lol $8
10. we love these shark chopsticks $8
11. you might have wondered what this is– it’s the coolest CHALK of all time!! $34
12. candylabs little food trucks are so cute and well made $16
13. the cutest little wind up robot $11
14. color bath drops are always a hit $30
15. love these fun emoji stickers $12
16. a fun little magnet dress up tin that comes in different themes $12
17. super cloud slime play doh — and i love these colors $20
18. whoopie cushion for all the most mature kids (and adults who added it to this gift guide) $3
19. cute monster bandaids! $7
20. omg how cute is this croissant stuffy?! i can’t take it $22
21. pastel double sides markers $10

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