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holiday frame tv art


i loveee being able to change out the art on my frame tv for holidays, this year i wanted to get new art and scoured etsy, so i figured i’d share them all with you! so many pretty ones, and they’re all super inexpensive as well!

i will warn you if you’re not into vintage snowy paintings, you may not like this post lol– that is definitely the majority of the ones i liked!

and ps, if you need help changing the art on your tv, i shared how i do it super easily here.

super simple vintage pine tree sketch $2.50

vintage snowy landscape painting $5

vintage snowy winter landscape $5

vintage “winter wonderland” (this is the one we are using!) $3

vintage deer oil painting $5

vintage winter painting $2

cute vintage santa art $5

minimal winter landscape $1

“snowscape scenery” $2

i love this one $2

another simple vintage reindeer sketch $5

snowy pine forest $3.50

winter landscape $1.20

neutral snow and ice $5

winter scene $1

christmas tree painting $1.20

snowy mountain $3

ice skating $3

winter lake $3

winter landscape $3

christmas snowflakes $6

vintage deer $3

winter scene $1

vintage deer $1

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  1. I didn’t even know I wanted to change my Frame TV art until seeing this post! Such gorgeous options rounded up, thank you! Also, I have searched all over your site trying to find the answer to this question and I can’t find it so apologies if this is annoying but can you tell me where your caned cabinet is from? It is absolute perfection and I want one too! :) Thank you in advance for sharing!

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