diy halloween costumes / pt 2

i told you i won’t stop. here is part 2 of easy halloween costumes.

also — i’ve included a couples costume from one of my favorite 80s movies. obscure or not it would be awesome.

john and yoko halloween costume / almost makes perfect

J O H N  &  Y O K O  —  C O U P L E S  C O S T U M E
war is over tee / white jeans / white blazer / sunglasses / panama hat / dress / knee highs

peg bundy costume / almost makes perfect

P E G  B U N D Y
necklace / bangles / off the shoulder top / heels / leopard tights

chainsaw and dave summer school costume / almost makes perfect

C H A I N S A W  &  D A V E  ( S U M M E R  S C H O O L )  —  C O U P L E S  C O S T U M E
trucker hat / trench coat / texas chainsaw tee / backpack / leopard beret / suspenders / tie dye tank
+ chainsaw’s t-shirt could be any horror movie or metal band

forrest gump costume / almost makes perfect

F O R R E S T  G U M P
button down / khakis / socks / blazer / sneakers / chocolates

+ if you missed last weeks halloween costume roundup go see it here!

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  1. Hi! I randomly acme across your blog! SImply LOVE it! 🙂 Will definitely come back again!

  2. I LOVE these posts! Ace, Lennon and Forrest!? Brilliant! Please keep them coming. I just wish Halloween was a big thing here in Denmark too… Not that it is stopping me from celebrating it the whole month 😉

    K l http://www.klykkeberg.com

    1. + thank you kirstine! oh i have soo many more where that came from. stay tuned i’m going to be posting a few every week!

  3. Omg, Summer School! I had a huge crush on chainsaw. One of my all-time favorite movies!