san diego, california

the pearl hotel

i had the week off of work last week, so for some reason — we decided to go to san diego for the night last minute. we usually go to palm springs for getaways, but our anniversary is in a few months so i figured we’d save it for next time.

we stayed at this tiny boutique hotel — the pearl, which was SO cheap and really cute.

san diego spots

we didn’t do much since we were only there for half a day, but we did visit some really cute places. san diego is kind of a weird place to do a quick visit, because everything is pretty spread out — so we walked around the gas lamp at night.

we had an amazing brunch at the cutest diner ever called great maple. they have a long list of bloody marys (our favorite was the pickle) and warm maple bacon donuts that were so rich and so good. also the chilaquiles were delicious.

we went to this shop pigment that i could have easily spent a million dollars in. 

we had yummy cocktails in the fancy bar at the us grant hotel.

saul silver costume

and then we got home and celebrated halloween. after alllllllll those movie costumes i put together, i chose another costume — saul from pineapple express. here i am trying to look stoned. i look asleep.

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  1. You were in my hood! The Great Maple is a stones throw from my house. I keep meaning to try it – those bacon donuts are calling my name. Next time you’re in the area, be sure to hit up Craft & Commerce – craft cocktails and fried pickles!

  2. Veronica Rodrigues-Lima says:

    We love the Pearl! Yay! So glad you stayed there!

  3. my comment is going to be about the same as the above – great maple is in my neighborhood and every time i drive by i remember i want to try it. aaaand i’m a bloody mary novice so that might be a good place to start. so glad i found your blog! i’m heading up to LA in a few days and excited to check out a few places on your guide!