the big island, hawaii


we got back from our trip to hawaii last week – we went with my new in-laws, and had an amazing week. we’ve gone to maui with them in the past, but this time we stayed on the big island. at first, i thought maui was a little cooler – but i ended up loving the big island. we drove almost around the entire island, and there was so much different scenery and climates. it was really amazing.

unfortunately, i didn’t bring my actual camera – and found out during the trip how truly shitty my iphone camera has gotten. it seems like the camera lens just expires (way before your upgrade) – so i’m now desperate to switch providers so i can get an iphone 6. have you guys noticed your camera being horrible after a year?!

hawaii | almost makes perfect

we stayed in a rental house with an amazing pool and view, so we hung around in the pool quite a bit and relaxed. we also explored a few cute towns like hilo, hawi + honokaa.

lava lava (right on the beach, during happy hour they have live music, which we missed)
kona brewing company (really good pizza)
grandma’s kitchen for brunch
bamboo restaurant (i loved their potstickers)
huggo’s (mai tais on the sand)

hawaiishave ice sign

despite the shitty iphone camera, i got an underwater case for christmas – and got a LOT of use out of it. it’s now my favorite item.

hawaii - underwater camerahawaii - gid underwater

we went ATVing one day, but i chickened out after having crashed a moped 9 years ago, so we took the dune buggy driven by the guide through the eucalyptus forrest – and it was amazing. i highly recommend skipping the ATVing and just riding on the buggy. you go way faster and get to look around a ton more.

we also drove hours and hours to see volcano, which was pretty amazing – but the lava was closed.


i highly recommend the big island if you’re visiting hawaii! sorry i didn’t collect more tips, but i was busy having a blast.


+ also, i realized i never did a post on our honeymoon in tulum. oops. i guess i’ll do that if you guys want?!

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  1. Awww, the trip looks amazing! Yes, please post from your honeymoon, if you have the time and/or inclination.

  2. Tulum info please!!! we are headed there in April and I would love any suggestions you have!!!

  3. My brother and his wife went to Hawaii on their honeymoon and loved it! I always find it’s hard to find the right balance of picture taking when on vacation. I want to have enough to document the trip, but at the same time not spend the entire time behind a lens. Even though they’re only iPhone snaps, the ones you’ve posted here are beautiful!

    xx Kathryn

  4. DUDE. Does Apple just shut down the iPhone’s camera capabilities after a while? Mine is acting the same as yours sounds… I’m upgrading ASAP to get the quality back.

    Looks like you had a blast and a half on your trip regardless! 🙂

  5. It’s funny but I had much of the same opinion about the camera on iphones but just thought I was being weird – I do think the quality does go down. Still, your photos came out stunningly and I would have had no idea that they were with an iphone, had you not said anything. So kudos on the post-processing.

    Hawaii sounds amazing and I really hope that I can go one day. It looks like you had a great time and i do not blame you at all for “chickening out” on the ATV after your previous crash!

    The unterwater iphone case is so cool – the first picture is amazing – but truth be told even though it is clearly secure, I would still be too scared to use it!

    Rae | love from berlin

  6. Tulum post, please! My co-worker is going there in a couple weeks and I’d love to share any recs you have with her.

  7. molly! i love your blog. please upload honeymoon pictures. also, could you upload more wedding pictures? i’d love to see invites (unless i missed them), table details, etc. thank you!

    1. thank you claire! posting the honeymoon this week! as for the rest of the wedding shots — it might be a little bit, but they’ll be here eventually!

  8. Hawaii looks gorgeous (despite your Apple camera woes)! Yes, please, share your honeymoon travels. I’ve had Tulum on my wish list for a while and would love to store up some great tips.

  9. I’m going to Hawaii in a few months – can’t wait! I’d love to know which place you rented? I’m after recommendations! Was it air bnb?