diy marble moon phase wall hanging

diy marble moon phase wall hanging | almost makes perfect

because moon phases are currently my favorite thing, i really wanted to make an easy wall hanging for our bedroom. so i created this one in about 20 minutes!

diy marble moon phase wall hanging | almost makes perfect


diy moon phase hanging

01. soften up your clay and shape out your black balls (teehee), i used each slice of the package as a separate ball (teehee).

02. add a bunch of small pieces of white to your black and roll around in your hands to get the white to spread organically like marble. careful not to blend the white in too well or you’ll have to start over. (you may remember this technique from this post)

how to marble clay

03. roll out each piece using your rolling pin (that you obviously don’t use with food because that would be nuts).

04. using the circular cookie cutter, shape a circle. to get the crescent moon shapes, press the circle in again lower. cut out all the shapes you’d like using the various cookie cutters.

05. let the clay cool off from your hands if necessary – then poke a hole in the top of each piece using a toothpick, and bake according to the package directions.

diy moon phase wall hangingdiy moon phase wall hanging | almost makes perfectdiy moon phase hanging

06. once baked and cooled, tie your pieces together. this was super hard to figure out how to do / photograph, so gideon drew this diagram for you. basically — you loop the thread through with your needle, and knot on the backside. try to space yours out better than we did.

moon phase chime | how to tie

07. tie a loop at the top of your string and hang!

diy marble moon phase wall hanging | almost makes perfectdiy moon phase wall hanging | almost makes perfect

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  1. This is such a stunning DIY. The idea is really unique and it looks absolutely beautiful. Love to see polymer clay have a great DIY use as an adult and not just as a fun toy for kids!

    Rae | love from berlin

  2. This is so precious! I really want to try it using white and a deep navy blue. Is it fragile when it dries out?

    1. Thank you Molly for sharing your design. I’m not very crafty but I’m going to try to make this. Mary

    2. Judy Murray says:

      What size cookie cutter did you use?

      1. You would want any sized biscuit cutter. If you want it a big wall hanger use a big cutter, if you just want it small use a small cutter. It depends on which size you want it. ??

    3. Only the tips, so be careful and try not to drop it either. Make sure it is securely attached to the wall. ??

  3. Love this so much! I had something similar on my to-make list – the marbled look is too good though!

  4. Wow, this is definitely going to be my next DIY! So easy too. xx


  5. I made a Similar moonchime out of Golden glitter paper 🙂 Looks Lovely,too!
    You Cam Check it out on
    XOXO Biene

  6. ideia linda e totalmente executável! Gratidão por compartilhar, procurava isto mesmo!

  7. Hello, you are really creative and smart! I cannot wait to try this!
    may i ask, what is the oven temperature and how long did you leave it in to bake. And do you only poke a hole on the top of the pieces or both the top and bottom (trying to figure out how does only opening hole on top join the overall pieces together)

  8. Can I buy one from you?.

  9. Thank you for sharing your work, and DIY instructions. It really is beautiful, and so creative!

  10. Love these things,,,,but why couldn’t u use small pieces of double sided tape and not have string showing,,,lol

  11. Debra Edinger says:

    Can’t wait to make this! AWSOME!!!!!!

  12. Carole Smith says:

    Spark interest of the night sky. This is a good learning tool, with the title of each phase on the back.

  13. I would love to purchase one of these! I am not crafty whatsoever, nor do I ever seem to have the time. Please let me know if you ever make any more and sell them on an Etsy page or something!

    1. I’ve definitely seen them for sale on Etsy! ~$40

  14. This is so cool, definitely trying! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Such a cute DIY! I’m so excited to try this, I’ve never worked with polymer clay before but this seems like a reasonable place to start. Love it !

  16. This is so pretty and i managed to do it quite perfectly but when i hanged it on the wall it kinda lost it lol
    i can’t seem to to make it sit “attached’ to the wall
    in the picture it looks great

  17. I just finished making this–very cool but the process was incredibly frustrating!!!! I was not anticipating it to dangle so much, it was really difficult to tie the moons and hang it, I had to end up sticky-tacking it to the wall because it moved around so much. I wish this was mentioned in the instructions, other than that, beautiful.

    1. Yes! I’ve had a really hard time getting them to hang with the moons flat as well!

  18. Do you (or anyone) have any advice for hanging? I made the moon pieces and I’ve tried tying the string several ways.. I can’t seem to get the pieces to lie flat against the wall. Any tips?

  19. Would you make this and sell it? I would love one.

  20. teehee! lol
    and how did you put holes in the clay? you drill them before or after baking?

    1. You can just use a kebab stick and use the pointy bit to put the holes in. You can do this before baking, because if you drill the holes in after, it is most likely the whole shape will crack. ??

  21. Just made these for my son’s Harry’s Potter themed room – they’re in the oven now! Fingers crossed on getting these knots done correctly!

    Thank you for posting!!

  22. Really beautiful. What kind of string did you use?
    Thank you

    1. You would want to use strong twine string. ??

  23. This is a great idea! My daughter’s last name is Luna, so she loves any moon related items. Since I need some gray clay to fix an elephant lamp, the black & white is perfect.