payday wishlist

because it’s the first week of january – today’s wish list is all about january cliches.
also! i’m introducing a new feature to the wish lists where you can click on most items to go directly to the source. YAY. let me know if you have any issues with it.

happy friday!


01. i will always say i will keep plants alive. i will never keep plants alive. i still want a fancy watering can though.
02. i’m always searching for pretty new throw pillows, this year my resolution is to buy one or two.
03. i love collecting cookbooks, but like for real. i never cook from them. and i really want to. and i want this one.
04. i tend to be sooo bad at remembering to send thank you notes. shame on me.
05. why are electric toothbrushes sooo ugly?  all black makes almost all things look better.
06. writing things down is super helpful. i am a chronic list maker. i need pretty places to write said lists.

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  1. Ok, that wateringcan is beauuuutiful, but that price. Wow.
    My electric toothbrush looks like this, only white, and now grimy with use…so black would be a good alternative!

  2. These are all so beautiful! Great picks – and I love how you’ve captioned them. Although unfortunately some of them are quite outside my price range for fun stuff right now. But a girl can dream, right?

    xx Kathryn

  3. Can’t see pictures while using rss-reader 🙁