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i link you / 09

i am a big mushroom fan and i love roasted mushrooms with crusty bread, this recipe is really speaking to me saying “make me right now” (via cup of jo)

my old pal from art school, ashkahn is so talented and today you can download some desktop wallpapers he designed (via designlovefest)

these diy geometric hanging shapes would make such a fun holiday garland — i really want to make some. (via south by north)

ever since i became an actual cat lady, i stopped wearing all my cat apparel because it just feels too… real. but cat nails? cat nails i think i could handle. (via forever 21)

gideon and i are considering moving… i know i know, we just moved last year but they started construction building an apt building behind us and it’s a nightmare and now we want to move. we’ve been dreaming about a big loft — and this loft tour really made me dream a lot more. (via lonny)

this baby LED halloween costume is the creepiest most awesome baby costume ever. (via youtube)

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  1. loving the cat nails. if they made pug ones I would be rocking those bad boys in a second.

    1. you and my aunt shelley!

  2. those cat nails! they would make great stocking stuffers too!

    1. totally! i’ll make all my relatives put them in MY stocking!