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happy weekend


our living room #casamadboom

happy friday! my two week hiatus from work is over this week, so boo. but during the break i got a pretty good amount of house progress done, the house is getting painted and it’s all very exciting. this weekend we’re celebrating my stepdads 70th birthday with a party and a sleepover in malibu. hope you guys have a good one!  

new emojis! finally crossing fingers!

the first time i’ve ever wanted to live in chicago

loveeee this house tour

elise josephs house is so cool

i just bought these shoes and i’m obsessed

this prank call is amazing

love me some gnocchi


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  1. Love your blog but wanted to let you know your links are wrong. Your second and third link are the same and your link about the prank call goes to the shoe website. Hope this helps

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