our guest bathroom : the plan

WTF?! yes! i really, reeeaally wanted to have one nice bathroom before arlo gets here, and i figured it should be while i’m also earning an income. we debated which bathroom to renovate because we don’t like either of them, but ultimately decided the guest bathroom was the priority because it’s the one everyone sees and it’s the one we’ll be using for bathing him.

and then everyone i told said “you’re nuts you don’t need to do a bathroom right now” but what do they know! i stupidly lost the before before photos of the bathroom from when we first moved in, it was worse. i swapped out the big gaudy light fixtures for simple keyless ones (which as of right now we’re planning on keeping), and i painted the vanity and the bathtub panel white (both were a beautiful faded yellow color we liked to call “chain smokers white”)


as you can see, it’s not that bad as is — but it’s clearly not my style. the many shades of dark beige just feel like a bummer and i really just want white and bright and clean in there.

because we really probably shouldn’t be spending the money to renovate a bathroom right now and instead should be saving it for like preschool or whatever, i’m trying to do things as affordably and as simply as possible. i think you can tell this from the mood board below!




i want to keep it so simple, so we’re changing out the bathtub for a flat paneled one, getting a new dual flush toilet that looks a little more modern, and we’re lining the tub with white subway tile. for the floors, i really love the look of these big grey concrete looking tiles. i love the look of blonde wood with white/grey so i think the vanity is perfect (and so affordable!) i’m thinking one long mirror above the vanity, or two square mirrors, but haven’t decided/found anything for the right price yet. and like i said, i think we might just keep the lights we put up that had cost like $5. i can go fancy on our master bathroom.


we’re going with stainless fixtures because even though i love matte black ones right now, i really worry about them being too trendy or our very mineral-y water in the valley ruining them quickly. stainless feels timeless and easy and i really like how it looks with other metals mixed in.


to inject some black and some other patterns/colors/textures, i’m thinking we can just do that with accessories. a nice mix of white and black things and then i can add some patterns with the rug, shower curtain, some pottery?

my baby shower is happening in less than a month in our backyard, so i’m planning to start this renovation immediately after that. wish us luck we can get it done in time and i can survive living through another reno while super pregnant!

oh and whatcha think of the plans?

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  1. it is sort of disconcerting that we have almost the exact same taste in everything. i have a secret pin board that has some of the same inspiration images (maybe pinterest is a vacuum when you have “bright white walls or bust” mentality?)

    i love this plan. please don’t hate me if you see pics (if that even ever happens haha) of a bathroom that looks v similar in the next couple of years lol.

    it looks amazing. hope you and baby are doing well!

  2. Craig Printer says:

    Very impressive! Will do our bathroom over?

  3. It’s going to look so nice! I think your idea of going stainless is smart, though I do so love matte black, too.

    Hope everything goes smoothly and little Arlo waits until you’re done to make his appearance!

  4. That is going to look so great! Its really got a good layout already and you are starting with a window!! which is amazing.

    Love the floor choice!

  5. Pft, who cares what people say. Once that baby comes you won’t have time to do a lot so go for it. Give that old bathroom the boot if you got the energy.

  6. I love the plan, the floor tile is amazing , especially for the price. I think the gray with wood is perfect and not too trendy, especially with the stainless fixtures you have chosen. The light fixtures add a very modern touch and if they go out of style, they are an inexpensive change. Definitely do it now before baby’s arrives. We did a similar remodel last year and it really didn’t take too long because we ordered stock items and kept the same footprint.. good luck, can’t wait to see the results!

  7. Thank you for doing a bathroom remodel on a budget! I am planning to redo my bathroom as well and like you, I’m on a budget. I would find it very helpful if you shared the labor costs as well on your reveal post.