happy weekend

pop up shop at the moon & co

yay – another week down! i’m finishing up a boat load of items to sell tomorrow at a pop up shop i’m participating in! if you live in LA, you should definitely swing by because the lineup and inventory is reeeal good. here’s all the info. i’ll be selling dreamcatchers and ring cones! i hope to see you there but if not, i still love you and i still want to share some good linkage with you.

⋅ remind me later to get myself a pet owl.
⋅ in love with this DIY bowl
⋅ because i’m in full on house hunt mode, can’t stop swooning over pretty makeovers
⋅ so helpful + informative, now i just have to go shopping
⋅ i put herbs de provence on almost everything, so naturally, gimme that
⋅ another real cute hand written font
⋅ GTA5 + full house – this is perfect (maybe even if you didnt play gta??)
⋅ some good reminders about making new friends

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  1. I love that DIY bowl! So cute! Definitely putting that on my long, always growing list of crafts I want to do.

  2. Hey Molly! Thanks for the bowl love 🙂 Lots of kissy faces xx