happy weekend

moorten botanical garden | almost makes perfect

i feel like i was a little MIA this week — not only are we launching wedding sites for blogzilla studio next week (!!) but i also became an aunt! we have a pretty free weekend which is always nice after a weekend away, so i want to eat and veg as much as i can. i downloaded this app which is amazing, but might be a little too tempting too often for me.

⋅ can’t believe how beautiful the results from a potato stamp can be
⋅ i want this book so bad
⋅ my favorite video of the week
⋅ love how relaxed this apartment feels
how to poach a dozen eggs at a time!
⋅ i’m so scared of concrete, but everyone is making such cute things
i want to stay here
⋅ you should never assume the dress will look like it does on the model
⋅ are we really still doing this? yes. please. 


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  1. Just voted for you! Totally deserve it, lady. I’m loving the concrete trend too… the texture some of the DIY stuff I’ve seen made is so rad!

  2. I totally want to make something with concrete now!