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i love seeing behind the scenes of other bloggers – brittni shows her photo setup and tricks which is a million times more profesh than mine (via paper & stitch)

photographer henry hargreaves recreates infamous last meals of prisoners – it’s creepy and fascinating (via buzzfeed)

when i see a recipe like this, all i can think is life is short it’s worth being fat (via bon appetite)

alexa meade is an artist that paints directly onto her subjects and creates 2D paintings from 3D life. obviously it’s crazy. (via where cool things happen)

along with my oscar ballot printable, these rosettes would make for such a fun oscar party (via house that lars built)

loving this simple copper, pine and leather magazine rack DIY – so so cute (via fall for DIY)

—- and just to be a pain, i’m going to ask one last time if you would please vote for me in the homies?! i promise to always do as many DIYs as i can and to always be here for you. ok i can’t promise that, because someday i might say F blogging. but until that day, i’m totally here for sure. please vote! i want votes! xx

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