happy weekend

palm shadows @almostmakesperfect

YAY! WEEKEND! we’re spending this one getting last minute stuff done before we leave on tuesday — sooo much to do and it hasn’t really hit me yet that we’re going because i’ve been going non-stop. gotta fill up all the travel bottles and pick out all the different t-shirts, you know. we’re also celebrating father’s day with a picnic for my stepdad in their backyard. also, this week i hit 10K on instagram. this is very exciting news in our household, so i’m feeling on top of the world right now, lame as it may be. you gotta celebrate all the things! have a good one guys.

⋅ ugh, i love him even if he’s a philanderer
⋅ this is so so important to me.
⋅ this future will require shades for sure
⋅ love this simple little clock
⋅ the possibilities are ENDLESS!
⋅ if you like jeff bridges…
⋅ don’t forget to print your dad some gift tags!
⋅ and don’t forget to make him a gift in the first place.
⋅ OR make him some cookies instead

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  1. I always love your Friday links! Have a good weekend. xo