our primary bathroom : the reveal

GAH! so happy to be finished with the renovation and able to enjoy what is definitely the prettiest room in the house now! and as always, let’s do a little trip down memory lane

EW! i knew the room was dark before, but wow what a difference. we added two VELUX sun tunnels in the 14″ size in the shower to add some natural light into the room and it’s insane! the room is so bright now. we skipped adding more ceiling lights to save on money and luckily we didn’t end up needing them, the sun tunnels provide a ton of natural light for doing makeup. also they have a built-in nightlight that goes on in the dark so i can go to the bathroom at night without turning on the light. love it.

the plaster shower

we went with a plaster shower (in glacier white), my contractor was confused about this and ended up finding a stucco guy to do the install. it took 2 full weeks to do, and i’m not sure how it’ll hold up in 10 years, but we are so happy with it. it’s so clean and bright and european. it’ll definitely end up showing some age and wear, but i’m ok with that. for those wondering, we’ve been told to clean it normally, just use water and gentle cleansers. the product is called merlex super shower, so it’s designed to be water resistant!

we built out a large niche for all our products, i actually wanted it even longer but without more work it ended up fitting between the header and matches the window above. we kept the bench like it was (although it was rebuilt before the plaster).

the gorgeous brass faucets are by watermark brooklyn from rejuvenation. we got the west slope shower set with a hand shower and this shower head that i am looooving.

the bottles are an old school DIY of mine that i still love.

we tiled the shower floor with this hex mosaic from bedrosians tile. for the shower door, the guy i hired to install was the supplier of the hardware, i just requested everything was satin brass to match the fixtures. he had two choices for the door handle and i sprang for the one that was $100 but i love it! it goes so much better with the vibe of the room and we can hang towels from it. another massive improvement was the placement of the shower door. you’ll see it’s centered now, but if you look at the old photos, it was all the way to the left. every time we went to turn on the shower, you basically had to step all the way in and get soaked — now i can actually reach the faucet without having to get wet!!! very little design thing that is so much better functionally.

the vanity and sinks

i wasn’t sure that the vanity would match the medicine cabinets because i sourced them separately and only based it off online photos — so i was sooo relieved when i saw them in person together! they totally match! the medicine cabinets are from build.com (similar ones linked here), i’ve always wanted medicine cabinets because it seemed so nice to be able to hide all the products away, i love them. everything is out of sight! the only drawback with my bathroom design is that everything goes vertically so i don’t see past my shoulders — but i’m fine with it haha. we actually cut 3″ off the legs of the vanity and i’m so glad we did, with everything else it would have been way too tall. i searched for months for a handsome wood vanity that had drawers, wasn’t $3000 and was the right size for our room (60″) and it wasn’t easy, but when i found this one i knew it was THE ONE. it’s so stunning in person, the wood is perfect.

we went with a quartz countertop and a 3″ backsplash which was the minimum — it is the perfect height to blend in right behind the sink.

the basin sinks are from nood, they’re gorgeous concrete — i wasn’t sure i wanted a vessel sink and was originally leaning towards undermounted, but i’m glad we got these ones! they are so stunning in person and feel like they make the room more special.

the wall mounted faucets are also from rejuvenation by watermark brooklyn. i am obsessed. it definitely takes more planning and attention to detail to do wall mounted, but man they look good and it’s so easy to clean around the sink area.

the pop-out outlet from the adorne collection by legrand (i posted earlier in the week about these!) they are amazing — totally incognito when not in use!


i didn’t originally plan to do a shelf in the room, but really glad we found this one. it provides a little extra storage but also houses the step stool that i use constantly. all the towels and robes are from parachute, they’re soo soft.

the floor tile

onto the floor — you may remember we originally had another tile picked out for the floors, but unfortunately there was an error made and the sample color didn’t match the shipment. after a 24 hour panic, i found these gorgeous tiles from bedrosians that are timeless and the perfect putty color in person. they came on mosaic sheets, so we had to peel them off, and did this parquette pattern which i love so much. ultimately things always go wrong during renovations, but this worked out for the absolute best!


vanity / sinks (in ivory) / medicine cabinets (Similar) / SCONCES (in pinto) / soap bottles / sink faucets / pop-out outlets / palm leaf / round white vase / toothbrush cup (similar) / toothpaste / toothbrushes / blush canister / toilet / toilet lever / floor tile / shower floor tile / shower drainshower head / shower fixture set / storage shelf / step stool (similar) / sun tunnels / towels / robe / towel bar / toilet paper holder

rug is vintage but i got it from this etsy shop
pottery i didn’t link was made in pottery class
art by gideon boomer

photos by jeff mindell

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  1. Gorgeous!! Talked my parents into doing sun tunnels in their windowless upstairs bathrooms a couple years ago and they are truly amazing!!!

  2. it looks amazing. the link for the vanity is not working. could you say where you sourced it? thanks. enjoy!

  3. Leila Donohoe says:

    Stunning!! You are goals! xx

  4. So elegant. Love your sources. You have such a good eye. Now the whole house has been redone.

  5. Its gorgeous! Congrats on the new space, love your style! I’m doing the same watermark fixtures in our shower and am having a hard time finding shower door hinges to match. Where did you get yours? Are they the same brass?

  6. The vanity really makes the room and those sinks! Every detail is gorgeous

  7. Soooo beautiful I’m drooling! We also put a sun tube in our master bath and adjoined closet and it’s made such a difference. Sometimes I reach to flip the light switch to off even when the lights are already off because it’s so bright!?

  8. i bet gid is proud that his art is above the crapper

  9. How much did you guys budget for the reno and how much did you actually end up spending? You did an incredible job. It’s beautiful!

  10. Your bathroom is LITERALLY heaven! Such an amazing space! I would absolutely live in there How big is the rug?

  11. LOVE this bathroom!! Nice work!

  12. Bianca Skinner says:

    I love the end results! What are the rough dimensions of your bathroom ?

  13. Where did you get your vanity lights from? I think I read this whole thing like 10 times trying to make sure I didn’t miss a link! ?

    1. I did the same thing! I even wrote to her on instagram but she said to look here… the link isnt working.. those sconces are EVERYThing.

      1. Molly Madfis says:

        i just updated it! she changed her website but it’s called “flourish” in pinto finish

  14. Hi! Your bathroom is GORG- Where did you get your shower doors? Thank you!

  15. SO beautiful! Wondering how the quality is on the woodwork on the vanity–does it look like it’s built to last?

  16. Beautiful work. Please source the vanity lights!

  17. Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I saw your bathroom on nood co website. Ignore me if you’ve given them permission, but just wanted to let you know! https://noodco.com.au

  18. ANGELA BLEDSOE says:

    Hi. I love this bathroom! Where did you get the rug?

  19. Hi there, beautiful job. Is the medicine cabinet the Natural Teak shade or the Whitewash shade? It is hard to tell from the photos.

    1. Molly Madfis says:

      its the whitewash!

      1. What tiles did you use for the shower walls. It’s beautiful. Thank you. I want to do the same?

      2. Hi Molly,

        Your bathroom is stunning! Thank you so much for taking the time to provide the inspiration and sources to everyone – it’s so awesome. Do you mind re-sharing the link to the medicine cabinets? It appears to be broken.


        1. Molly Madfis says:

          they’re discontinued! 🙁

  20. where did you get the lights above the medicine cabinets from?

    1. Molly Madfis says:

      every source is tagged above

  21. Joanne JC says:

    I LOVE your bathroom! Where did you get the shower doors and hinges?

  22. WHAT ARE THE TILES IN THE SHOWER? So much written here except the exact thing I need. What tiles are used for the walls to make this beautiful shower?

  23. Hello! Love your bathroom! How do you like the Velux sun tunnels over your shower. Do you have any issues a year after the remodel? We’re currently making a master bathroom and I love the idea but am concerned about steam. Thank you!!

  24. Where did you get the lights above the mirror? Thanks!

  25. I love everything about this look. You did an amazing job!

  26. Jamie Lea Barahona says:

    Can you provide any information about the stucco application process for the shower walls?

  27. Hannah Porro says:

    What finish sconce is this?

  28. Absolutely gorgeous! I’m surprised that I’ve never come across this reveal before in my many room makeover searches. You did a stellar job with the design from top to bottom. So many awesome elements, but it still feels so light and open. I especially love the light fixtures and the mirrors!

  29. Irina Ertl says:

    Where did you order the shower door from?

  30. I’m considering using Merlex in a shower – curious how it is holding up 2 years into use…

    1. Hi Meg!
      I am also looking into a Merlex/plaster/tadelakt shower. Did you find anything?

  31. Hello! Love your bathroom.
    We are in the process of re-modeling our bathroom, can you please tell me where did you get your shower glass door in gold. This is exactly what I have been looking for.

  32. How has the stucco held up? How easy is it to clean?

  33. Amy Sedano says:

    Hi – I see numerous requests for the shower door manufacturer and am adding mine as well! Would you please share? This beautiful configuration seems quite hard to locate! Thank you in advance!

  34. Could you tell me the size of the medicine cabinets?

    1. This looks amazing!
      Are you able to advise the size of the room and the shower zone?