DIY clay wall hanging


you’ve seen me make a lot of things with polymer clay, and i’ve already made a clay wall hanging — but i decided to make a new and improved one for the bathroom. i knew i wanted to do some semi circles and full circles but beyond that i wasn’t sure what i wanted to do — and i’m so happy with how it turned out.



01. condition your clay and roll it out, cut into shapes you like (and redo if you’re not happy with them). i freehand cut everything but if you’re not comfortable with that, you could also use cookie cutters. try various sizes, and try at least one really piece to add a little more visual interest.

02. try to figure out a general layout before baking, because then you can decide where to put holes. use a toothpick to poke holes and bake according to package directions. let dry and cool down before handling.

03. to sponge paint, i used paper napkins with watered down paint — i would practice a little on a different surface to figure out your technique.

04. i first tied the pieces together pretty loosely and decided i didn’t like that — so i cut it off and started over. using a needle and thread, just knot one piece really tightly and a lot, and then move onto the next piece. thread from one piece to the next knotting along the way. and don’t worry about tying too many times, you want it more secure than less.

05. once you get to the top, leave a little extra to tie a loop to hang. i decided to add a little wood bead to the top by just threading it through.

super cute right?! i love how it’s not a big piece but adds so much to the wall. plus my dad will be so happy i have some color in the house.

11 comments on “DIY clay wall hanging”

  1. Hi Molly!
    Wow, thanks so much for this incredibly beautiful post! I love the simplicity of it, but it’s also very versatile for different types of rooms.

    Have you ever experimented with rug/diy twine and yarn hangings? They are so simple and have a similar style to this clay hanging! There are a ton of them in my local coffee shop and I am dying to get the time to make one. And I’m going to have to add this project to the list too! (My artist side can’t help it, haha).

    Anyway, thanks again for sharing! I will be pinning this shortly, and hopefully make it soon!

    ~Hannah from Enchased Thought

  2. Love this! I just finished a version of yours with copper wire and a turquoise glass bead at the top! The copper metal is a nice touch with turquoise marbling!

  3. Where can I purchase this clay? I really want to make things and incorporate them into my macrame.
    Is there a certain product name for this clay, what’s the best type to buy? Sorry lots of questions but I’m so interested in doing this!

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