diy schoolhouse ceiling fan


diy schoolhouse inspired ceiling fan

like i said a few weeks ago – we bought a simple ceiling fan that i wanted to DIY up somehow. while most people spray paint their ugly old ceiling fans white so they don’t stand out – i bought a white one and perhaps i uglied it right up. after doing this fan roundup, i was enamored with the retro schoolhouse fan.

i was freaking out during the whole process about ruining the fan – but now that it’s up, i’m happy with the look. i just don’t know if having your ceiling fan STAND OUT is a good thing.

contact papered ceiling fan blades


ceiling fan (here’s the exact one i used)
wood grained contact paper
oil rubbed bronze spray paint

ceiling fan blades in contact paperspray painted ceiling fan


step one . cover each fan blade in contact paper. obviously you only have to worry about the side that’s visible. i’d love to say i figured out a way to do this perfectly – but frankly, it sucked. by the third blade, i basically cut out around the shape of the blade, and cut slits for every curve and then tucked them over. go from one end to the other slowly, using a ruler or a book to remove air bubbles. (i still had a lot of air bubbles but they seem to be pretty invisible now that the fan is up.

step two . tape off all the important stuff and spray paint all the hardware besides the light. as you can see, i taped off the entire top of the fan because it wouldn’t be visible and i didn’t want to break it.

step three. hopefully you can hire someone to install it.

diy ceiling fanceiling fan diy

see that? that’s my regulated body temperature.

diy schoolhouse ceiling fan

also – i can’t decide if i like those weird triangular chain pulls that came with it or not.


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  1. really cool idea… I have a roll of that faux bois shelving paper and have never known what to do with it, had to buy it when I saw it though :) p.s. I like the chevron pulls!

  2. Good fans are usually more expensive as they are designed nor only to look good but also to be effective fans to move air.Great information! Your blog is the first one I look for in my inbox everyday. Love this new series.

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