DIY super easy 2-ingredient play doh

well in the spirit of keeping arlo as occupied as i can while we’re stuck at home during this weird time– trying to come up with (at least) one fun activity to do every day and this DIY play-doh was super simple and fun!! i was looking at so many recipes and was having trouble finding one where i actually had all the ingredients on hand. 


hair conditioner (nothing fancy)
corn starch
food coloring
a bowl and a something to mix with


(adapted from woojr)

  1. mix equal part conditioner and corn starch and mix, slowly add some more corn starch and keeping mixing until you get a thick consistency
  2. you can add more corn starch if its too wet or more conditioner if its too dry, just keep mixing and adding until you get to that doughy texture
  3. separate into varying chunks so you can add different colors. add a few drops of food coloring to each and mix with your hands until blended. we started with very light pastel colors but i spent some more time adding and enhancing almost all of them to get them a little more special looking.
  4. store in an airtight container (we put them all together in an old tupperware)

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  1. Can you please share your amazon link for the food color? you bought? I love the colors of the dough!

    1. Molly Madfis says:

      it was just the standard grocery store 4 pack! they start very very light and pastel and they more colors i added and mixed the more the colors saturated