DIY graphic tees


DIY graphic tees | almost makes perfectDIY graphic tees | almost makes perfect

even though almost every t-shirt i own is a plain white or black one, lately i’ve been liking retro inspired graphic tees with cute little sayings on them. but the ones i’ve wanted aren’t cheap, and so i decided to make some for real cheap. i haven’t used iron on letters since i was a kid, but they’re just as easy as i remembered.  i came up with three different phrases : okey dokey, lo siento (“sorry” in spanish), and laisse tomber (“forget it” in french), and got three different iron on letters to try out different styles.

DIY graphic tees | almost makes perfectDIY graphic tees | almost makes perfect

DIY graphic tees | almost makes perfect


01. wash your shirts before ironing on them.

02. play around with different layouts, try spacing out the letters, try them on one line and on two, figure out what design looks best.

03. follow the directions on your letters packaging (all three had different instructions), preheat your iron and iron on your letters. i have to say that the okey dokey 70s font was my favorite to work with, the letters simply peeled off and were really easy to apply.

DIY graphic tees | almost makes perfectDIY graphic tees | @mollymadfis

i have to say i reaaaally love all three shirts, i’m super excited about them. you gonna try it out?

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    1. I disagree. While I’m familiar with this kind of craft, Molly put her own style to it and came up with really cute designs I haven’t seen before. It’s all about making it your own, and that’s definitely not a lame thing. Have fun with it!!

  1. These look simply incredible, I would never have guessed that these were a DIY project. I’m always so scared of doing clothing diy’s because I don’t want to ruin my clothes or make something that looks like a toddler throw some paint at a piece of paper. However seeing how simple and incredible this looks I may have to bite the bullet and try it!.


    Lady Law Student

  2. I’ve never even thought of doing this before! I’m the sucker that’ll spend ridiculous money on a plain tee with a slogan, haha. Definitely gonna give this a go, but I might use a ringer tee for a proper retro feel!

  3. Hey!! just wondering what size t-shirt you got? love this so much so simple yet totally chic. So EXCITED to try these x

  4. Great idea! How did you iron on the letters with such an even spacing and straight lines? I wanna try this out but I’d be so embarrassed if the lettering came out crooked! :)

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