DIY copper circle earrings

diy copper circle earrings | almost makes perfectdiy copper circle studs | almost makes perfect

sooo i actually made these earrings for mothers day, thinking they would have made a really fun and easy mothers day gift — but obviously i dropped the ball on that. so how about you can just make ’em for yourself instead! your mom wouldn’t have worn them anyway, who am i kidding.

i digress. circles are totally this years triangles, right? so as soon as i saw these copper rounds (brittni used them here), i thought they’d make really fun statement earrings. and this project literally couldn’t be easier. so much so that back around mothers day i was sure i took some process photos, but couldn’t find them today, and figured this project is so easy you don’t even need step by step shots. i’ll tell you how.

you glue the one thing to the other thing.

diy copper circle earrings | almost makes perfect



hold up the copper round to your ear, and decide how high you want the stud. the lower you go, the higher it will sit on your earlobe.

glue a stud to the copper, and let dry overnight.

diy copper circle earrings | almost makes perfectdiy copper circle studs | almost makes perfect

ps you could go bigger like the original inspiration i saw, they have a ton of varying sizes on amazon!

pps please ignore how frizzy my hair is. because it’s always like that.

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  1. I would totally wear them! I love the idea and the colour!

    1. Wow….beautiful ear rings in such a new look ….looking great…you find such a new and best look with your style…nice one..thank you…

  2. Beautiful… different style earrings in such a new look, every girl like to try this. I love this design!

    1. They are kind of different and which i really like about them the most.

  3. I have never seen such a huge earrings, I mean it must be heavy right?
    I enjoyed reading your blog, thank you for sharing!!

  4. Karen B. Santos says:

    Thanks for sharing
    Really love the product

  5. beautiful ear ring that is so good

  6. Nikil Kumar says:

    Hey Molly,

    Have been wondering what and what kind of earrring should I gift to my wife for upcoming anniversary. You have just cleared my doubt..

    You are a life saver!!!!!