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cute travel essentials for kids

i meant to do to this post side by side with the other cute travel essentials post i did recently, but here we are!

the majority of kids travel things are basically the opposite of “cute”, so i spent quite some time scouring the internet for these finds!

01. wet dry bags — crucial. in case of accidents, but we also keep a spare outfit/his travel potty seat in it ($13 for 2)
02. i love headband earphones, they work well and they’re really comfy, plus cute characters! ($18)
03. very cute patterned portable changing kit! ($48)
04. we really like this ipad case that arlo has, it’s big but feels sturdy ($19)
05. the prettiest reusable pouches! i love these ($24 for 2)
06. i know there are a million structured carriers, but i liked the ergo the best, it was the only one i was good at putting on myself and comfortable wearing my bigass baby ($150)
07. you can never have too many zipper pouches imo!! ($38)
08. this travel car seat packs up so small and is really easy to install ($380)
09. takeya makes super pretty insulated water bottles, lots of nice colors too ($23)
10. this booster packs totally flat and looks so nice!! ($129)
11. patterned packing cubes — lots of cute patterns! ($62)
12. we love this travel toilet seat, it folds down small and until arlo is super comfy on an adult toilet we’ll prob bring it for all hotels and rental houses ($15)

01. i think the babybjorn travel crib is overpriced for what it is, this actually seems better! ($100)*
02. if you gotta carry wipes you can carry them cutely ($9)
03. a really nice portable infant lounger that packs super flat ($64)
04. a ride on suitcase that doubles as a leg extender/bed while seated on the plane too ($199)
05. if your kid needs darkness to sleep, i’ve heard the slumberpod is amazing (WE WANT ONE) ($175)
06. something else i think is overpriced is the babyzen and there are so many alternatives now, like this one that looks so similar and is $200 cheaper!! ($300)
07. a super cute toddler activity tray and backpack ($45)
08. magnetic sticker tins are so good for travel and this one comes with 40 pieces ($15)
09. the #1 priority we pack when traveling is all the snacks, cute stackable snack cup ($12)
10. a soft swaddle serves so many purposes when traveling (blanket, playmat, etc) ($18)
11. a cute tiny noise machine that charges by USB ($20)
12. i love silicone bento boxes for packing snacks and meals ($25)

*and if your kid doesn’t love sleeping directly on the floor (arlo seemed to always sleep better in the pack and plays that were slightly elevated off the ground — this one seems great ($60)

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