cocoon dresses

cocoon dress | almost makes perfect

so i’m not sure, but cocoon dresses might be the least sexy dresses from a guys point of view ever, but i am so into them. i love how they’re so versatile from day to night, and you could pretty much buy one and wear it the whole summer. but i don’t own one. do you?!

thought i’d round up some of my faves…


white linen cocoon dress
silence + noise two tone rib cocoon
hatch the riviera dress
linen cocoon dress

cocoon dresses | almost makes perfect


miranda bennett double gauze everyday dress
hack with design v neck basic dress
elizabeth suzann georgia midi dress
black crane pleated cocoon dress

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  1. Craig Printer says:

    Ugh, are there any guys who like these

  2. Cozy, coverage, light weight, versatile! What’s not to love? Guys SHOULD be wearing more of these.

  3. Check out Esby Apparel out of Austin – my new fav! Thanks for sharing these.

  4. That Riviera Dress though! My boyfriend said “ew” – but I say “treat yo’self!” If I bought this I may never take it off again.. In a way, it’s a more elegant version of the snuggie. Snuggies are sexy right?

  5. This is really a beautiful blog. I like this dress in this blog.