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i’ve got wavy hair that i don’t brush so it’s always a mess. i wanted to grow it out long since i went really short a few years ago, but the other day i saw it from the back and i actually had bent hair all over. eesh. then i saw that photo of audrey tatou’s hair and i was like ok i’ll cut this crap.
long bobs - almost makes perfect

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long bobs are so cute right? right?!?!


14 comments on “long bob”

  1. I took the exact photo you have in #3 to my hairdresser 2 years ago. I’ve gone long again, but it really was a great cut.

  2. So my bestie is a hair and makeup artist and she’s telling me the long bob is where it’s at this season. It’s all about the colour as without the colour there’s no texture. I say go for it!

  3. I like the lob, long-bob. I have wavy hair too, that I rarely brush. If I brush out all the natural curls then my hair looks like a lopsided white girl ‘fro. That being said does your mom try to comb out your hair when you are distracted? If I’m at my mom’s house she’ll sneak up behind me and run a through my hair. It always makes the gnarliest sound.

    1. hahah — no BUT my mom always tries to give me a french braid if she gets the chance. and then i try to like it for about 5 minutes until i take it out.

  4. I think the “lob” is perfect for wavy hair. I’m really lazy when it comes to styling my hair, but if I just spray some sea salt spray , it gives my hair some texture and it looks like i spent time styling it when i really didnt. And it actually looks good!

    1. i have sea salt spray but i never use it!! i didn’t realize it actually does anything but you’ve inspired me to start using it.

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