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happy weekend



well it’s obviously been a horrible week, so while i usually try to keep it pretty light here, most of this weeks links are about orlando. we’re heading to long beach today for a weekend away, and i’m so excited to be away from watching the news and get to go to the aquarium! hope you guys have a fun father’s day and a good weekend.  

here’s how many people got shot during the filibuster on wednesday
look how easy it was to buy an AR-15 in orlando
49 birds over the victims memorial
in case you haven’t read the open letter from a survivor
hot rockstar kids to take your mind off it
and finally some good news (hopefully you consider this good news so we can be friends)

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  1. Uf, that open letter brought a tear to my eyes. Hopefully the fun and wonder of the Aquarium can help bring some joy back into your week!

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