becoming a grownup : sending holiday cards


i feel like we’ve all kind of grown up these last few years. when i started the blog i was in my mid 20s, unmarried, i had barely just gotten the cats. now i’m teaching myself all sorts of ways to be an adult!

something i’ve never done in my 31 years is send out holiday cards. i always figured that was for people with kids — but since i partnered with mixbook this year to design a suite of cards, i figured this might as well be the first year to send some out.


i do enjoy getting holiday cards in the mail, especially because the mail has gotten that much lamer since moving to the suburbs. but again, i was just planning to do holiday cards when i could include a cute child in the photo. well WHO CARES, i’m sending ’em!

since we were a little insecure about sending holiday cards out with just a photo of us, we’re keeping the list small — only sending to relatives and close friends (basically just the people who would actually care).


some holiday card tips from someone who is not an expert

01. try to order your holiday cards before thanksgiving, this way they’ll arrive and you’ll have time to fill out and mail the first two weeks of december.

02. you can make the packaging super special, the mixbook holiday cards come with envelopes, but you can switch up your envelopes (i’m using vellum envelopes), use cool stamps, make the addresses look special. the envelope makes the first impression after all. here’s some envelope inspiration i love.

03. hand write a small note. don’t want to call out anyone i know, but i get a lot of holiday cards without a note — and a little goes a long way. you can literally just write hope you’re well, we love you, etc. but a little handwritten message makes it feel so much more personal.

04. don’t forget your return address. i also designed these coordinating labels that are super easy, or invest in a return address stamp like this one.


do you send out holiday cards without kids? or with kids? do you send them to friends or just family?

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  1. I debated whether or not to send holiday cards out too since it’s just the two of us, but I asked a few friends and they all said we should! it’s also our first year as a married couple, so I think it’s kind of special. 🙂

  2. Man I love holiday cards. I’ve always sent them, though sometimes they were a bit late and turned into New Years cards. When I saw this post I was thinking, Oh what photo can I use this year?! Then I remembered I got married this summer… duh, wedding photos! Time to order!

  3. Molly these are so cute. I don’t have kids either and wish I could get the kitties together for a photoshoot because those Xmas cards would be purrfect -but no dice my cats hate photos. They must take after their Pappa because he hates photos so I’d have to drug him in order to take xmas cards. Wonder if I could just send out a snapchat of me ? hahaha

    1. hahah have you tried drugging the cats too?

  4. love sending our Christmas cards! question for you, love the idea of using vellum envelopes. what pen did you use to write on them?

    1. regular ball points and marker pens will work, just make sure to let them dry first or they’ll smear! for our wedding thank you cards we also used vellum, and printed onto them with our inkjet which worked well too!