the apartment

an office update


like i was saying last week – i’ve spent almost zero time fixing up or organizing the office since we moved in. but last weekend, i bought a bulletin board from target and it already makes a huge difference.

office snippit

i’ve been having so much fun pinning up memories and inspiration. like too much fun.


and speaking of too much, you know you’re a huge dork when you are ecstatic about your new screensaver. OMG. i love my new screensaver you guys.

new screensaver

7 comments on “an office update”

  1. first of all. i found you blog through another blog which in its turn i found through another blog etc etc etc. all i can say is that you gorgeous lady are super creative. i enjoy your style and values that it represents. thank you for sharing it with us readers. i read all 75 pages of your blog in one gulp. you made my day brighter and me excessively inspired.

    secondly. screensaver. my heart skipped a beat. link please

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