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14 tips for a perfect guest room

14 tips for a perfect guest room | almost makes perfectguest room | almost makes perfect

for the first time in my life, we have a guest room! and it’s so exciting and feels so grown up. this is also the first room reveal in our house, so i have to include a before and after. ( we didn’t do anything besides remove the ceiling fan and paint it white ).

guest room before and after | almost makes perfect

we’ve only hosted my dad so far, but now that we are capable of hosting, it’s been really fun to try to create a welcoming guest room for… my dad, and my cats, and like, any future guests we might have, as well.

all the furniture is recycled from our bedroom and i teamed up with SWENYO to add some fun accessories and guest room essentials, because i really feel like it’s the little things in a guest room that transform it from a room filled with your old crap into a tranquil place people would really want to stay. you want your guest to feel like they have everything they need, and that they don’t have to ask you for a million things they forgot the whole weekend.

14 tips for the perfect guest room | almost makes perfect

01. FRESH FLOWERS it’s not an absolute must, but even a tiny little bouquet from the grocery store will make your guests feel super welcome and like you’re actually happy to have them.

02. AN IPHONE CORD ON THE NIGHTSTAND everyone forgets a cord when traveling, it’s just a scientific fact. so be the bearer of good news, and they’ll be stoked to see a charger cord sitting there waiting for them.

03. A CARAFE OF WATER no one wants to have to walk around in the middle of the night thirsty, so i always leave a cute carafe with some water on the nightstand, and you can even fancy it up by throwing some lemon or cucumber slices in there to make it like a little spa.

14 ways to setup a perfect guest room | almost makes perfect14 tips for a perfect guest room | almost makes perfect

04. SHARE THAT WIFI no one wants to have to repeat the password over and over, so leave it out for them to help themselves. ( ps sharing the printable for this tomorrow! )

05. PROVIDE STORAGE SPACE even if you’ve jammed the guest room closet with all your winter clothes, don’t forget to free up some space for their stuff.

14 tips for a perfect guest room | almost makes perfect14 tips for a perfect guest room | almost makes perfect

06. READING MATERIAL leave all your city guide books / magazines out for them and they’ll get inspired to sightsee. ( ok you can leave the magazines in the bathroom )

07. PROVIDE EVEN MORE ENTERTAINMENT if you want them to feel comfortable enough to stay in bed for a bit when they wake up, put a tv and / or radio in the room too.

08. LUGGAGE RACK i personally don’t want a suitcase on the bed, so it’s important to provide a little luggage rack for them to unpack. this little bench doubles as a side table for plants, as well as a place for their suitcase.

14 tips for a perfect guest room | almost makes perfect

09. PUT OUT SOME BATH PRODUCTS probably the easiest way to make your guest room feel real fancy. leave some travel shampoos along with a toothbrush, some cotton pads, etc. if you don’t hoard them from your own hotel visits, buy a set.

10. SUPPLY OTHER ESSENTIALS TOO if your room is super bright in the morning, leave an eye mask for them. if it gets loud, put some ear plugs in the drawer.

14 tips for a perfect guest room | almost makes perfect14 tips for setting up a perfect guest room | almost makes perfect

11. MAKE IT SMELL GOOD scatter candles, matches, sage around for them in case they like their room to smell a certain way. but also light candles before they arrive to get the vibe going.

12. A NICE COMFY BED is really important, so you should sleep in your guest room once to see if you like it yourself and improve where necessary.

14 tips for a perfect guest room | almost makes perfect14 tips for setting up a perfect guest room | almost makes perfect

13. LEAVE THEM SOMETHING SWEET i like to leave a little chocolate on the pillow because i’m apparently obsessed with pretending i’m running a B&B here, it’s sounding like.

14. GIVE THEM A KEY lastly, i think providing a key is super important. they won’t rely on you if they wanna go explore and they won’t feel like intruders.

14 tips for a perfect guest room | almost makes perfect


SWENYO is also generously offering 15% off your order with code ALMOSTPERFECT15 from now until april 30 2016 (excludes sale items and applied before tax + shipping)

14 ways to setup a perfect guest room | almost makes perfect14 tips for setting up the perfect guest room | almost makes perfect



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  1. I loved this post! I want a guest room SO badly and I would be all B&B with it too. Great room, so sweet.

  2. Jessica Applebee says:

    Tell me about the print over the bed, please!

  3. That looks like a very relaxing room. Zen-like, almost. I should definitely incorporate some of your tips into our guest room. Can I ask where the chair is from?

  4. Where are the nightstands from?

  5. Would love to know where the nightstands are from as well! I miss having a spare room. My husband has taken over our 2nd bedroom as his studio. 🙁

  6. Looove your new guest room! It turned out beautifully. I love the keychain too!

  7. Can I be your guest ? OMG this room is like an oasis it’s a beautiful room! We have a two bedroom condo but my husband has turned it into his golf room 🙁


  8. Pinning this! We just moved into a new house last week and one of the things that I’m most excited about is having a guest room! I can’t wait to make people feel at home in my home.
    PS Handing out Mast Brothers? You can’t get that at the FINEST hotels! 😀

  9. This is such a great post – I can’t wait to have a Guest Room (you’re spot on – it would feel totally grown up, haha). I like the tip about leaving DVDs in the room – sometimes when I’m traveling, no matter how exhausted I am from the trip, it’s hard to wind down at night. It would be so appreciated to be able to pop a movie in my laptop that someone made available for me – very thoughtful. Thanks for sharing!

    -Clarissa @ http://www.theviewfromhere.is

  10. Would love to know where the bed is from!

  11. Oh, so pretty! Where is the phone charger cord from? The link isn’t working.

  12. Gorgeous guest room. I love the more modern take and styling of little amenities and comforts. I’m inspired..

  13. Wow! How serene and welcoming! Could you please share a link/sourcing info for the print over the bed? I love it! Thank you, Molly 🙂

  14. What a lovely guest room! A lot of the links for the items aren’t working though, such as the throw pillow, bench, wooden caddy, and keychain. Any chance you could update it? I’d love to know where I could get them 🙂

  15. Well this is the most beautiful guest bedroom I’ve ever seen! Love the bright pastel colors and the many plants. Absolutely wonderful job.

  16. Where are the bed side tables from?

  17. Stephanie says:

    Hello! I’m a huge fan of your blog and always come and take a look for inspiration. I’ve been on the hunt for new side tables and absolutely love the ones here! Would love to know where they are from!

  18. lindsay clarke says:

    Hi! Where are these bedside tables from?