the coolest plugs i’ve ever seen

this post is in partnership with legrand

another bathroom tease leading up to the big reveal and one of my absolute fave elements of the room is the pop-out plugs we used from the adorne collection by legrand!

they are totally incognito until we need them, and blend in so seamlessly with the rest of the space. we don’t use plugs in the bathroom frequently because our toothbrushes are battery powered, and i’m not super versed in giving myself blow outs, so the plugs are mostly there just in case. which is why i am so stoked to have them hidden the rest of the time! (btw the popouts aren’t GFCI, so we added GFCI boxes into the back of the vanity!)

OBSESSED! you don’t even notice a plug is there. it’s definitely one of the first features i show people when i give them the tour haha.

and since we were adding the legrand pop outs to the bathroom, we decided to add a couple other switches and outlets to some of our other spaces in the house. and honestly now i’m sad i didn’t replace every single one because they just look so much more modern and elevated than the standard ones we’re all used to!!

in the hallway and living room, i swapped out the light switches and used powder white wall plates.

in the kitchen near the sink, i added standard GFCIs but again, they are so much cooler looking than regular outlets right?

and on the other side of the kitchen, i added the dual USB outlet to charge our phones. you can also get super custom and creative, like with different wall plates and combos. if we ever do a new construction, i will definitely make a point to integrate them.

aren’t they so cool!? ps can’t wait to show you the rest of the bathroom tomorrow!

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  1. Jesenia C. says:

    I really like that print in your hallway, the one by the baby gate! Where is it from?

  2. Everything is beautiful as always, but how would you plug two appliances into the outlet by your kitchen sink? Not that I need photo evidence, but I can’t imagine how two plugs could fit there, so yeah I need photo evidence.

  3. Nicolette says:

    I am so happy to have found these! I have been looking for something that was super customizable (some switches I want WiFi connected, some dont need to be, more than one switch, etc) and this is literally perfect! Thank you!