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organized spice drawer | almost makes perfectorganized spice drawer | almost makes perfect

i have always fantasized about having organized spices, and i’m so happy i made those dreams come true. we installed a small drawer next to our stove and i just took a few hours to transfer all our miscellaneous spices into matching containers. so worth it. 

and because our spices have always been a disaster, i’ve never really been able to take inventory and remember what we had — so we had a bunch of multiples of things too. NOT ANYMORE NOPE.

organized spice drawer | almost makes perfectorganized spice drawer | almost makes perfect

first, i used this ikea felt drawer liner to try to keep the spices in their place — it’s super easy because it has a grid on the back to help cut to size. then i turned on howard stern and transferred allllll of the spices. this long and boring process helped me minimize what we’ve acquired over the years — so i got rid of all the spices that expired like 7 years ago.

then i sat on a comfortable chair and labeled every single jar. i got a new label maker because i wanted to have one that makes simple white labels (but i still love my other one), and this one has a digital screen which prevents typos and remembers what you typed in case it falls asleep. i tried to line up the labels with each other, but you can see some really don’t.

then i texted lots of photos to gid to receive my praise. that’s it!

organized spice drawer | almost makes perfectorganized spice drawer | almost makes perfectorganized spice drawer | almost makes perfect


spice jars (similar) / label maker / drawer hardware

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  1. I love this! I did something similar but I used clear labels, which was a mistake because I couldn’t read it when I filled the jars! so now I have to redo them with a white label hahaha

  2. This is fantastic! So clean and organized. I’m struggling to organize my spice cupboard, unfortunately I don’t have a drawer beside my stove…

  3. Wow this is like my fiance and I’s dream! I would love to try do something like this when we get a place of our own!
    This Old Joy

  4. this is such a good idea! i bought a spice rack, but i already have no room for it. this would be great for the ones i don’t use as much (just so the rack doesn’t go to waste).

  5. love this, and basically everything that you do! ive also been meaning to transfer my spices to clear jars with white lids – where did you find yours? thanks! xx

    1. She has a link in the post under “sources” 🙂

  6. ::swoons::
    Also, I had to laugh at your first sentence as I spend a LOT of time fantasizing about organized spiced and have longed for a spice drawer. Yours is truly a work of art.

  7. So wonderful. I’ve been wanting to get my Ikea kitchen all organized and am at a loss for where how to begin. I can’t wait to see what you do so I can become organized too! 🙂

  8. This looks so attempting! I would need organize my spices too. Having spice bottle that are ackward to use or they don’t close well etc. has just made an awful mess in my spice drawer.

  9. I am so glad I ran across this post. I have spices falling out in the pantry. You gave me the perfect idea and I am definitely going to get started this weekend on it.

  10. Hayley Ruthrauff says:

    Totally envious of this drawer and can’t wait to redo my kitchen. Although my husband would spill those in 5 min tops! Love your blog just did the soap diy its lookin good!

  11. It’s a great idea (and gorgeous) but having spices that close to the heat of your oven is not wise and will degrade your spices. Better to put them a few drawers over from the oven to be able to keep them cooler.

  12. Babette d'Yveine says:

    I keep my spices in the original containers on a drawer insert, but I alphabetize them. Makes it much easier to find what I need.

  13. Veronica Amick says:

    Thank you for this post! I was hemming and hawing about what bottles and labels to get, and then I thought to check your blog! Of course, you have the best taste and I love what you chose. Thanks for helping to make the world a more beautiful place one DIY tutorial at a time. 🙂

  14. Janet Blake says:

    Great idea! Unfortunately a lot of kitchens are short on drawer space. Also I would add dates to the labels so I know how old they are. I’m looking forward to your book!

  15. Beautiful concept BUT…… you are not supposed to store spices next to heat as it destroys the oils and flavours! That drawer should not be next to the stove.

  16. Rochelle H. says:

    OH my GOSH!!!!! LOVE the super organized spice drawer! Thanks for the idea.

  17. An Idea and a Question

    When you make your labels, repeat the name to go all the way around the jar.
    Then you can see the name even if the jar is not placed back into the drawer perfectly.

    How hard is it to get the jars out?
    I’m not sure my stubby fingers could get the first one out to use ?