printable texty valentines

printable texty valentines | almost makes perfectprintable texty valentines | almost makes perfect

valentines day is next week so i didn’t want to leave you without one fun printable for the holiday — i’ve designed a more romantic card, but i was thinking these valentines would be fun for less formal occasion — like for your SO, your friends, etc. i made them flirty without being too flirty. 

i also wanted to design them to feel retro but then i used young person slang because the juxtaposition is very interesting or something like that. i think they came out cute and i hope you do too. true story : i googled how do young people text but all the new slang was a little too new for all of us — so i used terminology we all know for the most part. and if you don’t know, now ya know…

printable texty valentines | almost makes perfect

print them out on standard sized card stock and then cut each one out — i left the back intentionally blank so you can write on there! enjoyyyyyy.


printable texty valentines | almost makes perfect

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  1. i feel old … what is BBRN?

  2. Thank you for these. I just did a Pinterest search for printable valentines. “Do you wanna go out?” were my husband’s first words to me almost 38 years ago. 😉