printable daily schedule for staying at home with kids

i’ve been meaning to share this for two weeks now, but really wanted to figure out the best way to laminate without a laminator (therefore making it redo-able)

while i’ve developed a loose daily routine, we definitely don’t stick to a strict schedule whatsover, so this is more just a general guideline for the day for me (and mostly a reminder to give him snacks before he gets super cranky and i’m like ARLO WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN CRANKY!?) but hopefully for those of you who have older kids and are on more of a real school schedule, this will be even more helpful!

so to laminate, i tried clear contact paper and it didn’t work whatsoever. i sort of wanted to get a laminator but gid advised against it (we have way too many possessions as it is). these sheets are sooo easy to use and worked so well. i love them. so print your schedule, trim two pieces of laminating sheets and carefully apply, then you can easily write and erase as much as you want!

printable schedule  / laminating sheets / dry erase markers

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