printable 2021 oscar ballot

ok i really didn’t want to bother with an oscar ballot this year — because i only just remembered yesterday when my brother asked if i was making one, and i saw barely any of the movies this year. one of them i saw 20 minutes of that i’ll never get back… can you guess which one i’m talking about? lol. please try to guess. 

other years i gave my opinion of all the movies but this year i have literally seen like two of them so i’ll be skipping that. i guess we spent too much of 2020 watching 90 day fiancé spinoffs. 

i also i hope you notice how the styling of these photos is different than the other years, i did small individual servings of popcorn this year haha. 

download the printable oscar ballot

as always, please tag me on instagram if you use the ballots, i love to see them!!
(especially this year when i didn’t want to even make this ballot BUT i didn’t want to let those of you who download it every year down because i care about you.)

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  1. Was it mank?? Because I suffered through the whole movie and it was a snooooozefest.

  2. I agree, it must be Mank hahaha!
    I liked it because I love movie making but it is kind of boring… I think David Fincher went so much down the way of making a movie like in the forties and that made it difficult for me to engage.
    Thank you so much for the Oscar Ballot!! Love it!

  3. Thank you so much for the Oscar ballots! Appreciate it!

  4. Not all the Mank hate lolll i actually loved that movie it was boring but beautiful hahaha