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my baby shower

i had my baby shower a couple of weeks ago and it was sooo much fun. it was so nice to have something fun to look forward to that didn’t include anything besides friends and eating and celebrating (a nice change of pace from newborn classes and stroller shopping and crib assembling and all that boring baby stuff you have to do)

my best friend and my sister in law set it all up so pretty and bohemian and i got to just come out to my backyard and see it all! very exciting for someone who is perpetually controlling everything. unfortunately it was super hot that day (and like, only that day) so everyone was trying to hide in the shade or under the parasols we actually had leftover from our wedding.

they set this cute photo booth up with a polaroid camera and everyone signed their photos for baby arlo so i get to keep them in a memory box for him. so cute. all the flowers and leaves were sent by flower muse and looked sooo good.

they setup this super cute onesie decorating station for everyone to iron on little sayings, i LOVE them.

and this little station for taping together photos of us — crossing my fingers baby looks nothing like these creeps.

they made these mocktails, they were sooo delish and perfect for the 90 degree heat.

my best friend also did a video of gid answering questions, and had me try to match them like the newlywed game and then i sat on this lovely throne to open gifts at the end. it was definitely a day i will cherish always.



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  1. I am beyond jealous at how AMAZING this looks. I want my wedding to look like this! did they hand paint the signs like you did for your wedding? totally copying the idea because it is so amazing!

    1. nevermind, I just read the bottom! she did amazing!

  2. This is by far the best baby shower I’ve ever seen! I haven’t been to many, but everything is absolutely gorgeous. It was SO sweet of your bestie and sister in law to set that all up for you, you definitely deserved it!

    Kayla | onyx + quartz

  3. Craig Printer says:

    it looks like this was an incredible party.

  4. Molly-
    I was so sorry to miss the Your Arlo shower!
    It looked beautiful! Hope my gift arrived and baby Arlo uses the Guatemalan baby chair as he learns to pull him self up to stand and later to sit.
    I love you two, now three, and can’t wait to meet the little Madboom.
    ?? gail

  5. Oh my goodness – that chair, that cake! How beautiful! What a special day for you and your guests. Congrats!

  6. so sweet!! what was in the favor bags (planning my sister’s baby shower!) love everything so much and thank you in advance! you look so cute.

  7. Who did the food? It looks delicious.

  8. My dream baby shower. Makes me want to have a baby. LoL Molly has the best taste evah ~!

  9. So beautiful! I’m inspired by the chair throne idea and how there’s one for the baby father as well. Where can I get something like that? I love it!! And want to do mine for my shower

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  11. Stephanie says:

    I’m pretty sure I found the same iron on letters from amazon. How many packages did you use?

  12. Amber Nguyen says:

    Where is this chair from?