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you may have seen it already, but if you haven’t — watch the weirdest video ever late for meeting (via youtube)

i loved this post about whether or not you should go to design school. personally, i did go and i think i learned more than just design, but real career skills too. i don’t think that it’s necessarily crucial, but it can only make you a more well rounded designer (via the house that lars built)

with thanksgiving a few weeks away, i am now looking at all my pie and dessert options that i want to try. this maple custard pie with candied bacon looks insane (via raspberri cupcakes)

i love this simple leather personalized keychain that will take you 20 minutes to make by the very talented rachel (via 52 weeks project)

using tools you have around the house, you can make these artful diy wrapping paper designs yourself. your gift getters would probably avoid opening their actual gifts. (via oh happy day)

it might be old — but this tumblr page of cats wearing tights makes me so happy. and laughy. look how long their legs are. so good. (via meowtfit)

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