diy halloween costumes / pt 3

who’s ready for part 3?! if anyone happens to wear a costume inspired by this column i would LOOOOVE to see! please please tell me if you do.

rosemarys baby costume / almost makes perfect

R O S E M A R Y [ ‘ S  B A B Y ]
dress / pixie wig / mary janes / necklace / baby stroller 
+ and don’t forget to rock a pillow in your tummy.

chucky costume / almost makes perfect

C H U C K Y  ( C H I L D ‘ S  P L A Y )
tee / overalls / hair chalk / eyeliner (for cute little freckles) / sneakers

waynes world costumes / almost makes perfect

W A Y N E ‘ S  W O R L D (couples costume)
on wayne // waynes world hat / black tee / jeans / chucks
on garth // glasses / plaid shirt / aerosmith tee

but who wants to dress like wayne and garth that’s so lame — ooo wait a minute…

waynes world costumes

yes, that’s me and my friends dressed as the whole gang a couple years ago. we nailed it right?

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  1. We just watched Rosemary’s Baby! It was soooo good, can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before. I’m loving your DIY Halloween costume posts, they are fab!

  2. oh man – the rosemary’s baby one is SO GOOD! definitely my favorite movie ever of all time!

  3. My mam & I dressed up as Way e & Garth for a 40th birthday party earlier this year.