h&m home faves

it’s been a bit since i did an h&m roundup and they just always have so many cute things i feel the need to share! i have the app on my phone and check in sporadically to see the new home arrivals — it’s a v dangerous hobby. 

ps how dope are those bookends!?

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  1. I love this blog and I’m always so impressed with the high quality of your posts (that you put out EVERY DAY. How do you do that and stay sane???). It’s always a treat to read your blog in the morning before I tackle my day as a stay at home mom of four young kiddos. Thanks for helping me stay sane!
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  2. Nicole Van Nas says:

    so cute and I like the style.

  3. I love this! You can find great home decor in shops you never thought sold home items. Working for The Handy Squad I’ve assembled flat packs from all sorts of weird shops. Keep it up, Luke.

  4. Great collection, specially bookends..love the H&M Home