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We felt it was our duty to go visit New York after Sandy visited. And plus we were going to a wedding. The first few days were a tiny bit eerie and hard to get around, but it was a really good trip.

I was worried all the leaves would have blown away in the storm, but they were totally there and fall colored. Doesn’t this look like the Cosby Show street?

A lot of changes had to be made, the wedding venue had to change two days prior but they were somehow able to change it to the waldorf astoria! We couldn’t stay at our hotel because they lost power and phones. And central park was closed for our first few days. We stayed with a family friend and by saturday, things were back to normal and we got to go downtown for our last night!

If you’re in New York, please go eat at Supper in East Village and eat the spaghetti al limone.

My boyfriend and I are completely obsessed with this hotel, Lafayette House. We stayed two years ago in the same room and going back was super romantic and slightly eerie at the same time. But awesome. It’s the best ever.

I am also in love with Momofuku. So we went to every convenient location we could. Shrimp buns, duck buns, pork buns, and crack pie. CRACK PIE. I’M TELLING YOU.

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