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happy weekend



so ready for this week to be over — seems like weeks feel way longer when you’re one away from vacation, but especially when there’s a lot going on. trying to finish up a ton before we go to maine next week, ready to just be there already. how are you? 

i made a page where you can now shop all the items in my house!

cocaine ads of the 70s and 80s

how glossier found its success

love this little circle ring

cute and easy DIY bangles

45 movies with on site deaths (um remind me never to become a stunt pilot)

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  1. Love this bed frame and am considering getting it. Had a couple questions though. It looks like the frame is not secured or set into the frame (being a platform frame). Do you find that the mattress moves or shifts off of the platform (to the sides or off of the feet side), needing to push it back or adjust it back into place? Another thing I noticed reading the comments on the CB2 website is that quite a few commenters have said that the wood frame squeaks a lot. Have you noticed that with yours at all? Thanks!

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