happy weekend

happy weekend

happy friday! we just started watching the jinx so i want to finish it before everyones done talking about it. i’m also on a mission to switch mobile providers and get a new iphone. (!!) hope you guys have fun this weekend!

⋅ this is like, the prettiest thing i’ve ever seen.
love this for an easter table setting
⋅ apparently mark ruffalo was always cute
⋅ i could really go for one of these today
⋅ had no idea tarantino rewrote it’s pat (must be why i loved it)
⋅ definitely going to be doing this
⋅ this is the entryway of my dreams
⋅ have you seen this guys videos? my dad sent this to me with the subject line “AMAZING!”

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  1. Check out the credo network or ting, ting is great if you want to save a bunch of money (and it’s on the sprint network, so service is good).