dream house : bathroom vanity

dream house | bathroom vanity | almost makes perfect

now that we’re settling into the new house, i’m already looking around and obsessing about the things i want to change. we have two bathrooms and they’re both in need of facelifts, but luckily they’re both pretty large in size and could easily accommodate double sinks (which is something i’ve always fantasized about… i don’t have to get annoyed when i see husband beard hair and husband toothpaste remnants).

i’ve already been researching tiles, sconces, sinks, vanities — and i’ve noticed how insanely expensive sink vanities are, and even more importantly, how few are really that pretty like the ones i see on pinterest, maybe because the best ones are custom made (i do really love the price and look of this ikea sink cabinet though). anyway, here are my favorites.


dream house | sink vanity | almost makes perfectdream house | sink vanity | almost makes perfectdream house | sink vanity | almost makes perfect

i looove the look of a wood vanity with a white apron sink.


dream house | bathroom vanities | almost makes perfect

also love the concrete — but i don’t know how anyone wouldn’t have way more products they need to hide away.

dream house | sink vanity | almost makes perfect

i was considering DIYing but it seemed really daunting… but of course gem is more than capable. can you believe this is a DIY!? [ IMAGE ]

dream house | bathroom vanities | almost makes perfect

this one is proof that it doesn’t have to be wall-mounted to be cute. [ IMAGE ]

dream house | bathroom vanities | almost makes perfect

the idea of having a gorgeous bathroom like any of these makes me feel like i’d never want to leave the bathroom — which i guess in some ways would be good because i’d probably shower more often. [ IMAGE ]

do you have a vanity like any of these?! was it custom made, was it DIYed, or was it purchased?

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  1. We are in the process of DIYing a vanity unit for the same reason – so hard to find a beautiful one at a sensible price!
    I bought an antique mahogany chiffonier on eBay for £27, a sink for £15, and got a local stone merchant to cut us a beautiful bevelled top and backsplash to fit out of white marbled quartz for only £120. Apart from the plumbing fittings, the entire thing cost us £165, cheaper than most pedestal sinks, and it is flipping gorgeous! I’ll be posting about it on my blog soon but it’s not quite ready for public consumption yet, but it was honestly so easy, I would totally recommend going down this route!

    1. omg, it sounds amazing!

  2. I love a wall-mounted vanity! All that underneath storage that won’t get ignored, forgotten, and messy. Well, maybe. It’ll at least be easier to clean!

  3. that third picture – with all of the wood, is STUNNING!

  4. Love these inspirational pics! A white bathroom can look sterile sometimes but the natural wood accents really warm the space up!

    ♥ Heather

    1. i know — wood accents is the only way i can sell my husband on all white everything.

  5. Ah, these are gorgeous. Have you thought about finding a cool vintage dresser or credenza to mount to the wall? I’ve seen that look really great.
    We have a “custom made” vanity in one of our bathrooms, and it makes me wary of the whole idea, because it’s really terrible. It’s just wood pieces slapped together by someone who didn’t care what it looked like, and then painted white. There’s a fake drawer stapled onto the front, and they didn’t even bother to fill the staple holes, ha. There’s no point in replacing it now because the whole bathroom needs a makeover, so we’re living with it. I’ve got a whole board with beautiful bathroom porn (https://www.pinterest.com/transientexp/inspiring-interiors-bathrooms/) for when that day comes. But when we do replace it, even though I’m a DIYer, we’ll definitely get a professional to make it. And as lovely as the open ones are, I need substantial closed storage for all my junk!

  6. Dude, even with double sinks… the beard hairs will still drive you crazy. Maybe it’s just because ‘his’ sink was the one closest to the door and I had to pass it to get to the ‘hers’ in our old bath, but I feel like even if that weren’t the case, bathrooms are so small you’ll still see it.

    Right now we have two full baths and we both shower in our master, but I use our guest bath to get ready (because it has a massive 1950’s vanity complete with stool space and way more wiggle room for blow drying my hair).

  7. The space I rent, its bathroom is rather ugly and damaged, and seeing these beautiful pictures of sparkly bathrooms make me tear up 😉 So pretty!

  8. Really loved this post so much! I am such a fan of interior design inspiration and these bathroom vanities are all so lovely!

    Rae of Love from Berlin

  9. I love wood accents in bathrooms. Something about it just makes it feel so comfortable to me. Also really digging that simple and clean storage for under the sink – somehow I feel like an exposed storage space drives away the want to messily put things away where they can’t be seen!

    becky ♡ star violet