diy wedding program fans

diy wedding program fans  | almost makes perfect

even though we’ve made a ridiculous amount of things for the wedding — you’re probably wondering why i haven’t posted any DIYs for any of the projects. there are two reasons. one is that i didn’t want to ruin any surprises for the guests, the second is that we’ve been working at my moms house on everything because our apartment is way too cramped to do any sort of bulk projects. but her house is really dark, so i haven’t really been able to take process shots. i will still explain how i did everything when i get the photos though!

but here is one project that i can share right now, because it’s SUPER EASY and NOT REALLY THAT EXCITING.

we had been checking the forecast for weeks and weeks, and had been prepared for the worst (i’m talking 110°). why did we choose palm springs?! we felt like we were obligated to make the programs into fans, which was a little tedious to make, but they work surprisingly well.

diy wedding program fans


  • two sides of programs printed on thick cardstock
  • popsicle sticks
  • scotch tape
  • double sided permanent tape

diy wedding program fansdiy wedding program fans


01 | print your double sided design, we had our bridal party listed on one side and our timeline for the evening on the other. we had ours printed on cardstock #100 at kinkos, which was a horrible idea. we spent way more than we would have liked on this, so i would suggest printing at home if you can.

02 | tape the stick onto one side with enough scotch tape to make it feel secure and tight.

03 | apply a piece of double sided tape to each corner of the paper, 4-5 small pieces works fine.

04 | take the other sheet and slowly line up on one side, slowly push down to the other to line up the full piece.

05 | carefully and gently burnish with your fingertips.

diy wedding program fans

place on every chair at your ceremony and any guest at a hot weather wedding will thank you.

diy wedding program fans | almost makes perfect

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  1. As a big sweater myself, I can only say: GREAT idea!

  2. What type of font did you use for the “thanks” on the programs above?


    1. hi jenna! i actually hand wrote it and scanned it!

  3. I love this so much!! What size was your paper? I’m going to do something similar and that looks like a great size to get all the info on there, but also enough to be a fan!

  4. Hi Molly, this is so wonderful! May I ask what pen you used for the “thanks”? Thanks! 🙂