DIY speckled nesting bowls

DIY speckled nesting bowls | almost makes perfectDIY speckled nesting bowls | almost makes perfect

maybe it’s just me – but i can’t enough little bowls. i use them for corralling jewelry, i use a couple as pinch bowls in the kitchen, i use them for sage smudging, i use them basically.

so i wanted to make a set of “ceramic” bowls for rings and bracelets — and it’s super easy.

DIY speckled nesting bowls | almost makes perfect


01. condition your clay and roll it out flat. cut a round shape by either doing it manually, or using something round as a cookie cutter (i used a candle lid, you can use anything!) cut it out using an xacto.

02. to mold the shape, place your circle into a bowl or saucer and gently sculpt the sides into a bowl shape. if you use a bowl, make sure it’s one that you never use with food!

03. bake according to the package directions, with the circle still molded in the saucer or bowl. sand for a smooth finish once they’re dry and cool.

04. paint away! i painted the bottoms and sides with a terracotta color i mixed up, but you could also use terra cotta clay and just paint the white interior.

05. to create the speckles, i came up with my new favorite method. i’ve tried a couple of variations and i’ve tried flicking my brush, but it always makes a mess. my new method is to use a thumb tack! dip your thumb tack into black paint and simply poke. vary the strength of each poke for an organic look. wipe off the excess with a paper towel and keep going!

06. after they’ve dried overnight, apply glaze for a finished look. i only glazed the interior of the bowls to keep them looking partially glazed.

DIY speckled nesting bowls | almost makes perfectDIY speckled nesting bowls | almost makes perfectDIY speckled nesting bowls | almost makes perfect

cute right?! they’re perfect for collecting things on my dresser — let me know if you make them! oh and just a heads up : these are not food safe!

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  1. I love these! So simple and pretty. I just rediscovered modelling clay and the possibilities are endless! I think I’ll have to try some bowls next 🙂

  2. I love these! They’re adorable. I also love the very technical ‘poke’ method! xxx

  3. I love these! The thumb tack poking is a great idea. Can’t wait to make some of these little cuties. xo

  4. I love this!!!! Definitely gonna try this once I have a place of my own!

  5. So cute! Finally got some clay and started crafting with it. Consider this added to my list of things to make.

  6. Christmas gifts! So lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Marilynn Lerum says:

    Hi! I’m perusing your website for DIY gifts and was wondering how many of those bowls does one polymer clay order make according to the way you did it this morning?