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diy eye ornaments

diy eye ornaments  | almost makes perfect

i will totally admit that i get super into trends — and i want lots of things with eyes on them, for now. so i made these super easy ornaments to make our tree that much trendier. guess what else. they take like no time at all.

diy easy eye ornaments | almost makes perfect


  • polymer clay
  • a small rolling pin or something to flatten the clay
  • a black marker or two
  • something round to make the iris (i used the end of a paint marker)
  • toothpicks
  • twine

diy clay eye ornaments | almost makes perfect

01. preheat the oven according to your clays directions. soften some balls of clay in your hands, and then roll them out into ovals.

02. indent the iris with something small and round.

03. carve out the shape of your eye with a toothpick, if you hate it – roll it up and start over. if it looks a little wonky, tell yourself that’s the style you’re going for.

diy eye ornaments | almost makes perfect

04. poke a hole through the top with your toothpick, make sure you go through both sides.

05. bake and let cool. color in your carving.

06. tie a piece of twine and hang on your tree!

diy clay eye ornaments  | almost makes perfect

now you can say things like : eye wish you a merry christmas. or also not.

diy eye ornaments  | almost makes perfect

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  1. I used to think myself pretty impervious to trends, but Pinterest changed all that. Now I shamelessly want all the eye things too. These are so so great. And your bad pun made my day.

  2. Hi! I realize this post is a few years old but I just came across it and I want to give it a try! I’m going to make them as gifts for coworkers at the optometrists office I work at. I’ve never used polymer clay before and it looks like there are lots of different kinds out there. Your ornaments look perfect though— what type/brand of polymer clay did you use/do you prefer for this project? I want to purchase mine this weekend! Thanks so much in advance.

    1. Molly Madfis says:

      what a cute idea 🙂 i think i used sculpey!

      1. Thanks so much!!!!! I really appreciate it! 🙂