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diy gold geo napkin rings

diy geo napkin rings

are you ready for the cheapest and easiest holiday napkin rings of all time? i’m serious. you can make these while your turkey is in the oven for crying out loud. i had all this cardboard from the shipping boxes i had for my old vintage etsy shop that i’ve been wanting to use instead of throw away — so i covered the cardboard in gold duct tape.

cardboard + duct tape = napkin rings? sure why not.

geo napkin ring materials

scrap cardboard pieces
gold duct tape (mine was an impulse buy at the local hardware store)
t-square ruler
xacto knife
scotch tape (optional, for interior touchups)

geo napkin rings diy


step one . cut your cardboard to your desired size. i cut my pieces to 15 cm wide x 1.5 inches — just make sure your tape is larger than your cardboard

step two . mark every 3 inches with your pencil on your cardboard. score with your xacto knife

step three . bend each scored section and bring the ends together

step four . cut a piece of duct tape longer than your cardboard and lay it down sticky side up. carefully place your cardboard onto the tape, one edge at a time

step five . bend each piece again now making the tape bend with it. fold the tape over the edges, leaving one side long and unfolded. trim any excess on the other corner and fix any areas on the inside with a small piece of scotch tape

step six . fold the ends together with the tape overlapping the top, carefully trim a straight edge at the seam

+ once you do one, you can bust a bunch of these out real fast.

gold geo napkin rings diydiy gold geo napkin ringsdiy gold geo napkin rings

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  1. This is crazy! I literally had a conversation about two minutes ago about making napkin rings with card board:) Weird. They turned out cute!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  2. I can see myself getting all kinds of addicted to that tape!

  3. These totally fooled me when I clicked on the link!! Gorgeous! Now why didn’t I see this DIY before my thanksgiving feast? Next year for sure.. Love it.

    xoxo Chy