DIY braided camera strap

diy braided camera strap | almost makes perfectdiy braided camera strap || almost makes perfect

even though i’ve already DIYed myself a camera strap, i wanted to do another one that felt a little lighter around my neck. so i made a new one and you can too! this strap took me about 15 minutes max, so you really have no excuse not to.

diy braided camera strap || almost makes perfect

01. take one piece of your cable cord and wrap it around your shoulder, keeping it a bit longer than the ultimate length you’d like your strap. cut three pieces of the rope to size.

02. tape all three down onto a work surface, and braid like you’re at a slumber party. you can do a fancier braid, but i didn’t. obv.

03. wrap the end into your key hook, and secure with fabric glue. put a binder clip on while it dries, and then do the other end.

04. once dry, for extra strength and tightness, sew the ends together with nylon thread.

05. snip off the excess and wrap your leather cord tightly around both ends. glue the end of your cord and let dry with the binder clips again.

06. trying not to break all your nails, slide your split rings onto the sides of your camera so that you can easily attach the key hooks!

diy braided camera strap || almost makes perfectdiy braided camera strap | almost makes perfectdiy braided camera strap | almost makes perfect

i must say, i love my new strap way more than my old one — it feels minimal and girly and pretty and soft and i’m into it. so try it!

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  1. love this! will definitely be doing to my camera! It’s so cute and minumal yet very eye catching! love the little plate btw!!xxx

    Erika | Just That DIY

    1. thank you erika! it’s from h&m!

  2. Love this idea. I’m gonna make one for me with a little twist. I’ll make it colorful. Thanks for sharing this idea 🙂

  3. This makes me want to buy a camera just so I can make a cute strap like this!! I am working on my new blog so will probably be buying a camera soon so I will be back for this post. Thanks!!

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  5. This is gorgeous and looks so easy! I have quite the camera collection but am lacking straps at the moment so this is the perfect DIY for me! Thanks for sharing x

    Erin |

  6. Hi Molly, Love this DIY! Side note, how do you like the Nikon 1? I’m looking to buy a new camera too and was wondering if it you take any of the pictures for your blog with it or if it’s more of a recreational camera? Thanks!

  7. I love this DIY. I was looking for camera straps at the mall but they are think and I think that it feels heavy, thank God I saw this post. Just like you, I want it to feel light. This DIY project is simple yet cute. ❤❤❤

  8. Jacqie Blue says:

    I made one and I love it! Thanks for the great idea. 🙂

  9. allyson james says:

    What model camera is that??